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Home security systems range from the common burglar alarm to the kind of systems that James Bond would be proud of. There are some measures that we can all do; make sure that our doors are fitted with 1-inch throw deadbolt locks, ensure that door hinges are on the inside of doors and fortify glass doors to name but a few.

There are some homeowners however, who have gone the extra mile to protect their homes and implemented the kind of home security systems that come with a price tag!

Biometric recognition software

A favourite of wealthy apartment owners, this security system uses an In Motion Identification System with a combination of biometric, voice and license plate recognition to allow you to enter a building. The SafeRise system replaces your door key and grants you access once you walk towards your home, looking in the direction of the camera. If the In Motion Identification can’t detect you, an intercom will ask for your name and door number and will open when it recognises your voice. Nifty!

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Glass break detectors

Camouflaged and hidden in the ceiling, on a wall close to a window or on a window itself, these hi-tech detectors can hear the frequency of glass breaking and respond by setting off an alarm. Shock sensors detect the vibrations from breaking glass while acoustic sensors are set off by the sound waves of the glass breaking. Acoustic ceiling detectors reach 30-40ft in every direction and are best for rooms with a number of windows, while window detectors usually span 15ft. Instead of waiting for the burglar to set off a motion sensor inside your home, this way you have the chance to scare them out of entering your home in the first place.

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Smoke systems

These systems remind me of the ingenious booby traps made famous by Home Alone. Smoke Screen systems detect motion and produce a thick harmless smoke to make it almost impossible for burglars to see to steal. The best bit is that it’ll delay them as they try to leave, buying you time before the police arrive. Once the smoke clears, there won’t be as much as a mark on your sofa– so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. We’ve heard of similar ceiling systems laced with pepper spray too, although we’re not quite sure of the legalities here!

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If you’re worried about the burglar managing to get away, you can take things further and select a system that has inbuilt DNA code within the smoke. The DNA attaches itself to the burglar’s skin where it lingers for weeks. If the burglar’s caught, the DNA with personalised code for your home will show up under UV light making it very hard for them to argue their case at the police station!

Panic room

For the celebrity or wealthy individual worried about their safety, the panic room is the go-to solution, presenting the chance to hide away in the face of danger. Bullet-resistant doors come fitted with electromagnetic locks which lock automatically, to save you turning the doorknob in a rush.  The bathroom is a popular panic room but the most ingenious rooms are the hidden rooms that double up as bookcases or other secret spaces.

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The best rooms have a monitor connected to hidden cameras around the home so that you can keep track on the burglar’s movements and they’re soundproof to stop burglars from communicating with you or over-hearing you while you’re on the phone for help.  Many of the homes that use this system also block the various entrances and exits to the home with shatterproof doors, at the same time as contacting the local police station once switches around the home are activated by motion.

Which security system is your favourite? Let us know by commenting below or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter!

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