Bright and cheery decorating ‘is the modern way’

Britons who are thinking of hiring a decorator to give their home a bit of sparkle this Christmas have been advised to consider a bright and cheery approach.

Interior designer Helen Green, writing for, has suggested light and eye-catching colours are among those that make up the most popular and modern styles.

She said adding these shades to a property can bring life into almost any room, whether it be a living area, kitchen or bedroom being done up by decorators in Manchester.

At this time of year, objects that can have the desired effect include a Christmas tree and wreaths and garlands.

Ms Green went on to recommend the use of rugs, which add something to the decor of a room but also serve a practical purpose.

Jo Hamilton, an interior designer, recently told how 2011 has seen a growing desire for British-themed rooms and areas within homes, such was the impact of the royal wedding.

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