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Then and Now: The Village

Have you been watching The Village? I’ve got to confess, it’s not really my thing but after looking at the promotional pictures in my local TV guide, I was struck by the shabbiness of the exterior properties. Set in 1914 and moving forward to the present day, it made me think about how interiors would have fared in the early-mid 1900’s. After all, we couldn’t have all lived in homes reminiscent of shacks surely?

Image Source: The Telegraph

1914 marked the end of the Art Noveau period but next up was Art Deco, with its love of clean lines, geometric shapes, chrome and glass. Anything shiny and extravagant like mirrored tiles got the seal of approval!


Nothing says luxury quite like gold. A gold mirror with sharp, angular corners was right on trend and this carried through to rugs, where straight-lined patterns became the thing to have. The shell backed Romance Loveseat by Marks and Spencer captures two trends in one – that for soft, luxurious fabrics and the love of nature themed patterns such as shells, flowers and the sun in various stages of eclipse.

Eileen Gray was a notable designer of the time – creating furniture that remained simple but quirky. The side table is made from tempered glass and polished chrome steel, whilst the black Bibendum armchair combines class and comfort. Truly modern, it deserved its 1970’s revival!

The finishing touch, meanwhile, was the job of Rene Lalique and his elegant glassware. This OURSIN glass vase was created in 1935, yet it has a timeless quality that wouldn’t look out of place in one of our modern day décor schemes.


Nowadays, you’re more likely to find pretty pastels as we invest in pale rugs and decorative ornaments. From pink to pale green, barely-there coloured vases are the perfect way to make a style statement atop our latest must-have – the white sideboard. The Scandinavian modernist look is in and softened by our love for homely, soft textures. Just take this knitted chair by Claire Anne O’Brien.

Glass tiled splashbacks show no sign of disappearing, although our pattern preferences are sure to keep on changing. When it comes to the walls, brocade wallpaper is slightly dipping in popularity but it still deserves some credit for being so long lasting. It’s definitely one of the 21st century’s top trends – so far!

Are you inspired by the 1900’s or do you prefer the style of the moment? No matter your preference, post your job to find a tradesman to help you visualise with your home improvement project.

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