Things to do in the garden during September

According to Toby Buckland, there’s something you can plant every month of the year. We almost didn’t believe him until Emmeline discovered winter hanging baskets. And despite the summer drawing to a close, September is a busy month for gardeners, there are lots of jobs to do in preparation for next year, which will put your potting shed to good use!

Things to plant and trim

  • Plant your daffodil bulbs in pots and borders, so that they will be ready to let you know when spring has arrived
  • Collect seeds from plants; dry, and store them ready for next season
  • Prune trailing roses and secure new shoots
  • Trim conifers, tidy them up and make the most of a neat hedge while they aren’t growing as fast!
Garden maintenance
  • Lay new turf and repair worn patches
  • Order bare root roses and fruit trees ready to plant in early autumn (October)
  • Cover ponds with netting to prevent leaves falling into them

Fruit and veggies

  • It’s time to wrap up for the winter: bring potted herbs inside/undercover and cover your basil and parsley with cloches
  • Stake up your Brussels sprouts in preparation for the winter winds to ensure they survive for Christmas dinner
  • Dig up your onions to dry so they are then ready to store

Job of the week: take cuttings from borderline-hardy perennials so that come spring you can replace any that have been killed off in the winter frosts.

As there is always something that needs to be done around the garden, don’t leave it all until the last minute –  you will regret it next year when none of your perennials made it through the winter months. Like most things, the key to a beautiful garden is preparation – commonly known as ‘the gardener’. We all wish we had the time to take care of our gardens but sadly they often get neglected, how often do you get round to dead heading the roses? Are you confused between weeds and flowers? Perhaps it’s time to hang up your trowel and hire in a professional?

If spending hours in potting shed during the winter months doesn’t appeal to you, post your job on RatedPeople.comWe have some of the greenest fingered gardeners around, who would be only too happy to: pot up you perennials and dry and store your seeds. We will put you in contact with up to 3 gardeners who will quote for the job. Read their reviews and ratings so that you can select the right gardener for you.

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