Is it time for a kitchen demolition?

When is the right time to tear down and renovate your kitchen? For many homeowners, there is no simple answer to this question but our five signs will help you decide when it’s time for a remodel.

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1. Your kitchen is in a dilapidated condition

Check the floors of your kitchen for signs of stains or cracks. Now, look closely at the countertops and inspect them for chips, burns or scratches. Observe the walls and ceilings for holes and signs of wear or tear. Have you checked the cabinets – inside out? How about the appliances? Your kitchen’s problems with appearance are the easiest signs to detect and if it looks like it’s going to fall apart at any day, better schedule it for a demolition.

2. You are prepared to pay the price no matter how much

A full-scale renovation is expensive and when we talk about demolition, it means we plan to destroy a huge part of the old. To cut down on cost, take note of the items you wish to keep, such as costly appliances, antique furniture pieces and chests of drawers, among others. You may reuse some of them, donate a few to charity, or sell them for a decent price to increase your remodelling budget.

Besides some upfront costs such as labour fees and professional design consultations, you will spend more because you will be relying heavily on takeaway food. It would be best to prepare a makeshift kitchen to avoid a major hassle and a hefty bill on food alone.

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3. You are tired of the look of your kitchen

Have you ever wanted to swap with your friend’s kitchen as soon as you set eyes on it? If your kitchen fails to inspire cooking, dining, and bonding, then maybe it is time for a change. Boring kitchens can be spruced up with a few updates but some are in such bad shape that a major makeover is necessary.

If you can afford a full-scale remodelling venture and you have a fabulous design in mind, then make extensive notes on what you like and dislike about your current kitchen. Consider what works and what is not quite right in your kitchen – then think about how they can be improved.

4. Parts of your kitchen pose a safety risk

After considering the needs of your family members, you realise that your kitchen needs adjustments for everyone’s safety. Child-proofing or senior-proofing your kitchen to prevent accidents requires changes in layout, floor plan and storage. For instance, you might need to install a door to restrict access for your infant or toddler. You may also need to install secured drawers or high storage cabinets to keep toxic materials (e.g. detergents, pesticides, or cleaning substances, etc.) out of reach or away from sight.

Lifestyle changes demand an adaptable kitchen design. If you can afford a new, functional kitchen design, stop adjusting your needs andmake a new kitchen design work for you.

5. You might have to resell your home in the future

Maybe you don’t have any plans to sell your home now but what if you have to move to a new place – perhaps you or your partner will be reassigned to a new work location? A home with a stunning kitchen will always be appraised higher than a house with an old, rundown kitchen. Increase the resale value of your property by investing in a kitchen remodelling project and make sure to speak to a trustworthy contractor and ask for a value analysis.

A kitchen remodelling project may demand a huge budget, enormous patience, and keen attention to detail but it will eventually pay off. That’s because every well-designed kitchen provides comfort, happiness, safety and peace of mind.

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