Timeless updates for your bedroom

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a look that won’t date, one of more of these simple updates might just be exactly what you’re looking for…

Create drama with a four poster bed

A four poster bed is the ultimate sign of wealth. Back in the Tudor period, the wealthy snapped them up while the poor slept on straw pallets or mats. Many a King and Queen have slept in style, surrounded by heavy curtains draped from each of the four posts. Nowadays, you’d be looking to take the tradition of the grand four poster but modernise it so your bedroom doesn’t become a museum style shrine to the past! Get rid of the draped curtains – and the top frames if they don’t appeal. You won’t have the extra privacy but it’s the height of the posts that makes the statement. The bed’s an obvious bedroom focal point – the four poster just makes the most of it.

Image Source: Sarah Barksdale Design

Bring in a chandelier

In the bedroom, bring in a chandelier to replace a mounted fixture or fan and light combination to transform the room in an instant. It’s elegant and there isn’t a space in your house that it couldn’t improve. The glitzy lighting hints at ballroom extravagance and it can make the dullest bedlinen look interesting. It’s not just the diamonds round your neck that add glamour…

Add a large golden mirror

A mirror bounces light around the room, opening it up to give you that extra space that you’ve dreamed about. We all need mirrors for a quick outfit check in the morning so we might as well choose one that’s a good fit with our bedroom design, rather than hiding one away on the back of our wardrobe doors. There’s no space maximising potential in that! Right now, the ornate, baroque style mirrors are being snapped up but quite honestly, any style will last and enrich your room’s character.

Image Source: Pinterest

Don’t overdo colours

Okay, so this is a word of advice rather than a purchase, but sticking to an unfussy colour scheme is the best suggestion that I could give you. Living rooms embrace fussier schemes but the bedroom’s your place to relax, so steer clear of heavy geometrical patterns or vibrant colours which attract your eye. Your walls don’t have to be boring but you’ll find that less is more. Welcome texture with throws and pillows for that homely feel.

Overhaul the floorboards

What’s underneath your carpet? If you’re no longer a fan of that pale green that was so attractive five years ago, have a look at what’s underneath. Carpet patterns and colours can be rooted to a period in time but floorboards are ageless. With a bit of varnish, they can look as good as new so you won’t feel like you’ve just moved in to an empty home that’s waiting to be finished. Don’t panic if you pull up the carpet and reveal some gaps. Chances are they haven’t been revealed in years and there are plenty of flooring specialists available to help you out.

Image Source: Room Envy

If you need help hanging a mirror or fixing your floorboards, post your job and up to three local tradesmen will get in touch to help you. View their individual profile pages, complete with ratings, and choose the tradesman that’s the best fit for you.

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