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Our Top 10 Feature Wall Ideas

Feature walls are fantastic additions to homes – they make a statement and add interest to the rooms in which they reside. If you want to experiment with colour or print but you’re not feeling bold enough to apply it to an entire room, then a feature wall could be just what the home improvement doctor ordered. Creating your wall can range in price, depending on whether you opt for a mural, a simple coat of paint (perhaps in a bright, stand out shade), wallpaper or wall stickers. We’ve all got a rough idea of how much a tin of paint or a roll of wallpaper costs but if you’re leaning towards a mural, you’ve got two options – wallpapered or painted.

Many companies print custom made mural designs for £3-6 per square foot. Keep in mind though that the price can creep up to £6-9 per square foot once you’ve paid for extra expenses such as hiring an artist to draw, digitalise, colour and prepare your image for printing. Effects are spoilt when you spot the tell-tale joins of the sheets, so it makes sense to pay on top for a decorator to fit it for you. For a painted mural, expect to set aside a larger budget. DIY jobs aren’t a great idea so hiring a specialist muralist to decorate a wall could cost anywhere between £6 and upwards of £30 per square foot – depending on the location of the mural, its size, the intricacy of the design itself and the painter’s experience.

Whether you’re searching for some feature wall ideas and inspiration or you’re simply donning your voyeur’s hat, these ten walls will bring out your creative side and have you planning your perfect wall before you know it.

Feature wall ideas

Exposed brick

feature wall ideas

Image Source: Linen House

We do a fantastic job of hiding the bare bones of our homes with all manner of furnishings and decorative techniques. Nobody likes the idea of looking at cement or structural features but I make an exception where brickwork is concerned. It complements a range of decorating styles, although personally I favour the industrial look teamed with all sorts of bare wood and grey metal.

The gallery

wall decoration ideas

Image Source: Little Green Notebook

For a quick and easy feature wall, arrange framed photos in a symmetrical manner. If you change your mind, all you need to do is lift the pictures off of the wall – no painting or stripping wallpaper is required. Hang your favourite art pieces or fill the frames with images of your family and friends, the choice is yours. No matter which pictures you select, you’ll replicate the look of an art gallery, with all its grandeur.


For an extra twist, consider incorporating favourite items that you’ve collected, from letters to figureheads and holiday souvenirs.

feature wall

Image Source: Pinterest

Draw your own

accent wall ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Chalkboards aren’t just reserved for children. This hallway could have been a disaster in the making thanks to its heavy reliance on black. However, using chalkboard paint to portray an umbrella leaning against the wall (along with a frame or two) gives the hallway a sense of playfulness that’s coupled with respectability. There’s nothing young and amateur about the finished effect and best of all, it requires very little effort.

The mini toilet tile

wall art ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Who said a dramatic wall couldn’t work in a small space? This toilet is narrow yet the subway tiled design gives it character and helps rescue the room from the imposing white walls. Generally speaking, lighter colours work best in smaller areas since they open up spaces, yet here with the white sink and toilet, having a plain white back wall would only do the opposite.

The shower mural

accent wall

Image Source: Georgiana Design

This design is probably one of the least likely feature walls to be replicated but I have a soft spot for unexpected home design and this definitely ticks all the boxes. Who wouldn’t want to liven up a shower with a scene that appeals – perhaps a desert or a wood to bring a touch of the outdoors into the home? Of course, a design like this would only work if it were waterproof so wallpaper prints are out of the question. I like the idea of arranging tiles to build up a bigger picture.

Working with concrete

large wall decor ideas

Image Source: creamylife

Think of concrete and you’re probably picturing ugly grey slabs in the middle of your living room. In this case though, you’d be wrong as polished concrete scrubs up nicely. It provides a smooth finish that’s appropriate for a range of households, from the two bed shared apartment with a friend to the family home. Cement is mixed with stone to create walls which come in various shades – from realistic grey or sandy yellow to blues and reds. Sealer and wax treatments are then applied for protection, making the wall easier to clean.

The mirror wall

wall features

Image Source: Saligo Design

The mirror wall deserves a round of applause for being the most suitable design for smaller spaces. A mirror reflects light around a room which then affects your perception of the space that you’re in. Whether you add an effect to the mirror or work with it in its basic form, the end result is the same – it’s maximising and has a glamorous appeal. I’m a big fan of the antique mottled effect on Saligo Design’s glass. It removes the mirror from group dance class territory and it wouldn’t look out of place in a dressing room, bedroom or even a bathroom.

A green wall

ideas for feature wall

Image Source: Pinterest

Forget installing a living/vertical green wall and consider its simple counterpart – plants in containers which just so happen to sit on a wall. It’s a quirky concept which could work wonders in a home office where you would appreciate working in an energised environment. Not only are plants great for health reasons, they introduce colour in a subtle manner – perfect for the fan of neutral decoration.

The toy holder

ideas for feature walls

Image Source: Handmade Charlotte

Children love having their toys on display. This feature wall satisfies that desire by using fixtures in an interesting way. Wallpaper and paint aren’t the stars of the show, instead it’s the metal bars which shine. While I think the design could be improved by being made of a softer, child-friendly material, I like the concept and you can’t not appreciate the originality of the idea.

The wine wall

wall design ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

The glass wine wall needs no explanation. Standing tall and proud in the kitchen, it makes for a great talking point which would give you a chance to show off your impressive wine collection, should you have one. While wine and champagne have a certain classiness about them, beer and fruit squashes don’t have quite the same level of sophistication, so fans of the glass display would need to choose their products carefully!

Fancy a wine wall in your kitchen or perhaps you would prefer an exposed brick wall? Let us know which walls appeal to you and feel free to tweet us any photos should you choose to replicate the look at home.

If you need help or advice with creating a feature wall in your home, post your job in our Painter / Decorator category. Up to three tradesmen can contact you to quote and you’ll be able to view their profile pages, complete with customer ratings, to help you decide who to hire.

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