Top Five: How to improve your garden this summer

With the summer sunshine finally upon us, your attention has probably turned to your garden. After months of possible neglect as the country was battered by wind, rain and cold temperatures, it is time to get outside and start making the most of the green spaces you have available to you. It doesn’t matter whether you have acres of lawn or a cramped scrap of land, there is sure to be something you can do with the help of a professional gardener to turn it into a pleasant, fun and vibrant place to be.

Here we give you our top five tips for what to do in the garden in 2012:

1) Have a new lawn laid

It is impossible to argue that central to every beautiful garden is an immaculate lawn. A lush, deep layer of turf across the majority of your outdoor area is a great starting point for any home. Unfortunately, too many of us continue to live with surfaces that are well past their sell-by date and look tired, muddy and neglected. You can hire a gardener to lay new turf for you – or grow a new lawn from seed – in order to give your property an immediate boost and potentially increase its value.

2) Focus on flowers

While there are certain basics you need to get in place first of all – such as the lawn – ultimately the beauty of your garden will boil down to how much colour and vibrancy you can bring to it. The best way to do this is to invest in a vast range of flowers, plants and shrubs so that no border remains untouched and no soil is under-utilised. Think about what shades will work well in your garden. If you have a red brick home or white garden furniture, for instance, you might want to think about choosing flowers that offer tones to complement these features. But don’t overdo it. There is no need to pile flowers on top of each other, as often the simplest approach can be the most elegant.

3) Invest in a water feature

So you have your foliage in place, but you’re still searching for that special something to really set your garden apart? Well, we have just the thing: a water feature. Water works so well on summer days, reminding us that our gardens are not just dry and blisteringly hot places to be. Take a look at to secure a professional gardener who comes highly rated and with all the right qualifications to ensure your centrepiece is a roaring success.

4) Plant new trees

Understandably, many of you will want an immediate answer to your garden’s woes and will splash out on the features required to make it a beautiful place to be. But that’s not to say you can’t also invest in its future at the same time. Having some new trees planted adds an extra dimension to your place and you will have the extra bonus of being able to follow their development over the years to come. You never know, if you select the right species, you might one day be picking fruit from a mighty tree in your own home, while we all like the sound of being able to sit beneath it on a beautiful day.

5) Construct a summer house

As bright and warm as the sun is in the UK right now, us Britons simply aren’t used to it. So don’t worry if you find yourself seeking refuge from the rays on a regular basis. However, the last thing you want to do is to have to retreat all the way indoors as soon as you feel a little too hot, so having a summer house built in a convenient spot seems like the perfect solution. A local builder will be able to knock up such a structure in no time at all, leaving you with an attractive place to take a nap, enjoy drinks with friends or simply recline in your chair and lay back to enjoy the best of the long summer days.

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