Top five: Which rooms should you revamp this summer?

With the summer sun finally making an appearance in the UK in recent days, many of you are sure to have taken the opportunity to host a party or two, venture into the countryside and sit in the garden.

The summer is undoubtedly the best time of the year for holding dinner parties, barbecues and small gatherings, as you have the option of entertaining guests indoors or under blue skies. And with at least two more months where you will be hoping for warmth and sunshine, it could be worth investing in your home at the moment to ensure you have somewhere special to host friends and family.

Here, we take a look at which five areas of your home you should focus on if you are to impress all your guests over the coming weeks.

1) Dining room

If you invite people over, it is likely that you will sit down for something to eat or at least engage in a few drinks. As such, you need somewhere to seat them and, in the case of bad weather, an indoor space large enough to contain them. It seems obvious that the dining room should be your priority and you can do it up by calling in a painter and decorator to give it a new lick of paint or even a builder to extend its floor space.

2) Patio

Should the weather do its bit and provide you with bright skies, no clouds and a wave of heat, you will want to venture outside. A barbecue is the obvious option at this time of the year, but you could just wish to sit outdoors with friends and have a good old natter. Regardless, you will want some pleasant surroundings in which to enjoy yourself, so why not hire a professional gardener to spruce up your green areas?

3) Kitchen

In more and more homes, the kitchen is actually becoming the focal point. Increasingly you are choosing to sit here for entertainment or socialising, so it makes sense that in the summer you have a trendy space to welcome guests into. Turning to a decorator to breathe new life into the space or a carpenter to provide fashionable furniture seems like a good move.

4) Bedroom

This might not be a space that immediately springs to mind when thinking about the summer, but actually it can be one of the most important. We have all been unable to sleep on a hot night because the warmth or humidity is just too much, so taking steps to tackle the issue is a wise move. You could call upon a builder to add new windows or doors that are better suited for the level of ventilation you would like on a balmy evening.

5) Balcony

As you get more used to sitting outdoors and relaxing in the summer months, your mind might switch to ways that you could enjoy this even more comfortably. One option is to hire a builder to construct a balcony in your home, giving you the perfect place to lie back, read, listen to music and sunbathe whenever the weather allows.Top five: Which rooms should you revamp this summer?

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