Use of tradesman could prevent burst pipe drama

Homeowners who fear their pipes may not capable of standing up to the demands of winter may find hiring a tradesman is their best option.

Another case of a burst pipe causing families misery has been reported in Sheffield, where experts had to work through Thursday (December 29th) night to repair damage. The Star noted the pipe in question lay under homes on the Coleridge estate in Darnell, with a number of properties affected by the break.

Heating and hot water were knocked out by the burst pipe on December 23rd, leading to six days of shivering. Sheffield Homes handed out heaters to local people and secured a contractor to dig up the road and mend the fault.

The Bracknell News recently revealed the downstairs of a home in Ascot was flooded when a pipe in a toilet split.

Individual homes could ensure their abodes are not vulnerable in this way by getting a tradesman to take a look at pipes and other equipment.


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