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This is Danny, owner of Astrid Building Services. Danny and his team do all sorts of refurbs of homes, flats and commercial premises across London. His diary’s pretty full, but that doesn’t matter with our plans, he’s signed up anyway.


Through our site and app, you get access to 75,000 job leads a month. If a homeowner needs something done, they go on our site to post their job – which you’ll see in your job feed if it’s within your skillset and work area. It could be anything from fixing a few leaky taps, to bathroom refurbs and loft conversions. We have job leads for over 30 trades, across the whole of the UK, so if you’re a quality tradesperson there’s never been a better time to find out about membership.

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With our new plan (which is what Danny has), there’s a big reason to be a member, even if you’re flat out and don’t need the job leads. It’s called member benefits premium. It’s a collection of over 200 discounts and offers, saving you money on business expenses and personal spending – all mega useful, and things you’d be spending money on anyway.

Danny has his guys working from Hackney to Kensington, and doesn’t need any leads right now. But with member benefits premium, we challenged him to see how much money he could save, in 1 day.

In 1 day he:

  • Insured his phone – worth £179 (covering the cost of his annual plan).
  • Saved on materials at Jewson – £53.34.
  • Filled up on diesel – saving £2.56 with his fuel card.
  • Nipped to Sainsbury’s – saving £2.41 off his shop.
  • Picked up a latte at Caffè Nero – saving £0.28.
  • Got a Deliveroo in for the guys, saving £5.

That’s over £240 in a day. Our new plans are just £35* a month, plus we give you £45 credit to spend on job leads – it’s a win-win.

The phone insurance is obviously a one-off cost, but if you could save a couple of quid every time you fill up your van, and every time you pick up materials, it’s easy to see how quickly it’ll add up. These are just a few of the offers – you can see the full list for yourself right here, including savings at the cinema, on the golf course, and for family days out.

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How our service works

Some tradespeople use our site to find new clients and grow their business, others use it just to fill gaps in their diary. There’s a steady stream of work so the peace of mind you get, knowing you won’t be short of job leads, is a huge help for our tradespeople.

We’ve also got a ratings system that makes it easy for homeowners to decide which tradesperson to hire. When you sign up, you get your very own profile – like a mini website – that showcases your business. This is also where all your ratings and reviews appear. The more ratings you get, the easier it will be for homeowners to see that you’re a quality tradesperson.

Each job lead has a small fee, dependent on the demand and the scope of the work. Each lead is sold a maximum of 3 times, and you’ll be able to see if you’re 1st, 2nd or 3rd to buy it. Our tradespeople win an average of 1 in 3 job leads, but for every homeowner you get in touch with, it’s a chance to make a good impression and get your name out there.

What’s more, if you get a new client through our site, they might go on to use you again and again, so there’s lots of potential for future work and long term clients. See how Charlie from Benton Landscapes got 3 years of regular gardening work from one job lead.

  • A huge amount of discounts and offers, exclusive to your membership with Rated People.
  • PLUS over 75,000 job leads which gives you a steady stream of work. It’s win-win.

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* all membership costs exclude VAT.


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