Tradesmen could be used to give home a winter boost

It may be a wise move to turn to tradesmen in order to prepare a home for the upcoming winter, if one company’s advice is anything to go by.

Cover provider Swinton Insurance has spoken of the importance of getting a property ready for winter.

This could include hiring plumbers in Canterbury among others to give a home the best chance of withstanding poor weather and cold temperatures.

Swinton said some of its most simple tips include cleaning out guttering and checking roofs for any leaks.

Insulation is another key factor, with some people perhaps wishing to turn to experts to install heat-containing materials in lofts or on pipes.

Steve Chelton, insurance development manager at the firm, said: “It’s essential for homeowners to prepare for the bleak months ahead. Not being prepared can end in expensive unnecessary bills and insurance claims.”

Aviva recently revealed that there was a six-fold rise in claims relating to the weather from British homeowners last year.

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