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Tradesmen could fill security void

Homeowners looking to up their security this Christmas may be wise to enlist the services of a tradesman to help them do so, rather than turn to amateur methods.

Insurance firm More Than has revealed that some 53 per cent of Britons are thinking about installing their own protective measures around the house. These could include booby traps and decoys designed to throw burglars off the scent and distract their attention.

For example, leaving the radio on, icing paths and driveways, scattering sharp objects on the floor and placing dummies to give the impression of life when away are all said to be a part of plans drawn up by many. However, simply turning to a tradesman to fit various professional security techniques – such as burglar alarms and new locks – could be a more effective move. recently spoke on the subject of home security and revealed the Apple iPhone and iPad are the most in-demand items among thieves this year.

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