Reliance on tradesmen could increase as Britons lose DIY skills

The proportion of the UK population calling upon the services of local tradesmen in the years to come could be about to go through the roof, as a huge number of people are failing to pick up their own DIY skills.

Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating, explained his belief that DIY techniques and abilities are passed down from father to son, but this has not been the case in many families in recent times. As such, a growing number of young people do not have the required skills to perform jobs around the house.

Indeed, Mr Orme speculated that an entire generation of Britons are now unable to carry out some of the most basic tasks.

He went on to suggest that many jobs around the house can be completed by Britons, but a huge number simply do not have the knowledge and experience. With this in mind, it might be no surprise to find that plenty have to turn to builders, decorators, electricians and carpenters instead.

Of course, there is always the potential for people to learn and attain the skills that are needed to keep their homes in great shape, but many individuals are likely to be too set in their ways to consider this. As such, they will continue to call on tradesmen to complete vital work.

Interiors journalist Ellie Tennant last month highlighted the importance of Britons not being tempted to have a go at jobs they are not qualified to do. She said hiring electricians and plumbers is a must if a person does not feel they have the right knowledge and experience to do something themselves.

It seems the message is clear. People must quickly learn how to excel at DIY or continue to rely on the expertise of the UK’s pool of qualified and professional tradesmen. With no sign of the former occurring any time soon, it seems the latter will remain the nation’s best bet.

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