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We’re a matchmaking service for homeowners and tradesmen; homeowners need their home improvements projects completed and tradesmen need work, so we marry the two together. For homeowners the service is free, but for tradesmen we are a lead generation service for which they pay a fee per lead – in other words, tradesmen pay for homeowners’ contact details.

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The internet has changed how homeowners find tradesmen and vice versa. Gone are the days of tradesmen paying an annual fee to advertise in a directory, sitting back and hoping the phone will ring. Online tradesman recommendation services, like, allow tradesmen to select the type and location of work on a timely basis that suit them.

This type of service works for both tradesmen and homeowners: it’s work on tap for tradesmen, and for homeowners there’s no more waiting around for 3 months for that builder your mother-in-law recommended. As a homeowner, you want your job started at a time that suits you, so we will put you in contact with up to 3 quality, local tradesmen who are chomping at the bit to get started!

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We all know the saying ‘nothing in life is free’, which is true on too: our tradesmen pay a small fee to be put in contact with homeowners. A tradesmen selects the job he’s interested in and we charge him a small fee in exchange for the homeowners contact details. Each job lead is sold to up to 3 tradesmen on a first come first serve basis – which means homeowners will often receive calls from these tradesmen only moments after posting their job!

The fee we charge tradesmen is proportionate to the scope/size of the project, its location and the skills required to carry it out. Our pricing is based on supply and demand. Clever equations, macros and technical jargon work out prices for each lead, which start from £2 + VAT and go up to £65 + VAT. But, to put it simply: a quick, cheap job lead such as assembling flat pack furniture will cost a tradesman around £2, while a job lead for a two story extension will cost considerably more.

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Therefore, if you’re a homeowner, before you post your home improvement job think, do I actually intend to get this job done? If you can’t answer the question with a definite yes, please don’t post your job. We credit back our tradesmen if the job is not genuine, but this wastes their time and yours.

If you want to employ a quality, local tradesmen to complete your latest home improvement project, we have tradesmen all over the UK covering 24 trades, so whatever you need done we have the tradesmen for your job! Post your job on and we’ll put you in contact with up to 3 tradesmen in your local area, who will each quote for your job. Read their online reviews from previous customers and select your preferred tradesman. Once your tradesman has completed your job make sure you rate him to help other homeowners, just like yourself, when they are next hiring a tradesman.

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  1. leads are getting really expensive. I’ve been on the site a year and as example, last month I paid 28 + vat for a £2k lead, today a similar is priced at £32.20 + vat. this is happening EVERY month.
    people placing ads are not aware of the high costs, I paid 40 + vat last week , the advertiser had guessed at £10 !!!

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