Traditional English gardens ‘back in vogue’

There is something extremely special about a traditional English garden. From the immaculate lawn to the pristine shrubbery and ornate patio complete with comfortable furniture, we all love so many aspects of a green space attached to our homes.

With the summer approaching, now is surely the time to think about what you want from a garden and what you need to do in order to achieve it. Whether you need to focus on your range of plants, the lawn or simply the features and decorations that turn your garden from a pleasant space into a vibrant and memorable outside environment, it is worth doing so while you still have several months of sunshine and warmth ahead of you.

Before doing so, plot exactly what you want to do so that you are not left disappointed. Another good idea is to hire a professional gardener, as he or she will be able to pass on their vast knowledge and ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard. You never know, they might even pass on some tips on which flowers to invest in for 2012.

Richard Alleyne, writing for the Telegraph, has outlined his vision of a traditional English garden – and it might just be one that you want to replicate on your own land. For instance, he said the return to popularity of the English rose is evidence that patriotic gardens are back in vogue. For the first time since the 1960s, roses are the fashionable choice when it comes to plants for the garden.

Mr Alleyne told how just over a decade ago, sales of roses stood at a low point of about nine million, but they are already back to 12 million and there is the potential to grow even higher. Garden centres and supermarkets are both experiencing a surge in demand for the plants. You could join this trend by instructing your gardener to invest in some roses on your behalf. Of course, one of the advantages of the species is that it comes in a variety of colours – from red to pink and white – so you will be able to choose the type that complements your existing plants perfectly.

The newspaper went on to quote a leading member of the Royal National Rose Society. Bernard Mehring said nostalgia is sweeping the UK and this is turning many of you back to roses. “People have realised that all plants need looking after and the new varieties of roses have come along that have a level of disease resistance people want today.”

Roses have also become a hugely popular gift for birthdays, celebrations or simply as a way of showing your love for somebody. This has translated into an increasing demand for them in the garden.

There may be plenty of other flowers and features you can choose for your home, but perhaps nothing shows your national pride and love of all things English as much as instructing your gardener to plant a bed of new roses.

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