UK on track for energy efficiency aims

Figures showing the UK’s reduction in carbon emissions over the past two decades indicate that the country is on track with its energy efficiency targets, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) reports.

Work to create green jobs may also have helped more rated tradesmen into roles raising the eco-friendly profile of property. Efforts specific to the UK’s property portfolio include improving home insulation and supporting clean energy production techniques, which have both helped to improve energy efficiency nationwide.

Joan Ruddock, energy and climate change minister, says: “Since 1990, the UK’s emissions have been cut by 22 per cent, which means we’ll more than meet the international commitments we made.”

The actions of the DECC are helping rated tradesmen and householders alike to benefit as the country aims to achieve greater standards of energy efficiency.

Regulations set by the department, along with the incentives it introduces, aim to capitalise on the opportunities that a low-carbon economy offers, as well as to tackle fuel poverty by helping homes to become more efficient.

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