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Unusual places to use windows

Windows are design elements that are rarely used to their full advantage. You can install windows in the most unusual places that you may not have previously considered, in ways that can make a big impact to a room. With so many different types of windows available, it’s time we started seeing their full potential to help transform our living spaces. This guest post by Anglian Home Improvements shines a new light on the placement of windows in our homes.

corner window in the welch house

Source: Minimalissimo

Two joining walls in the corner of a room present the perfect opportunity to place a window of interest. This is a great way of letting a lot of light into an otherwise dark space, espeically in a small room, or for creating a certain atmosphere in a corner of the room. It would also provide the perfect reading nook, so add a window seat to the space and relax!


Lots of light in a bathroom is essential as it is the main room we use to make ourselves look amazing. Natural light is the best source of light as it is the most true to life, so why not install mirrors over your windows? This is a great idea if your bathroom window faces a private spot, if not you can use some of the etched glass designs offered by companies like Anglian Home Improvements for privacy.

curved hallway window

Source: Pinterest

The hallway is often a place that’s neglected in terms of natural light, this can be a great shame as a window along your corridor or mounted above/along the stairway can not only be great in terms of lightening the space, but also for adding an interesting element to an otherwise plain space. Decorative windows in particular look great in a hallway, and you can be experimental with shapes too, going for curved uPVC or circular ones for extra impact.

etched glass window in shower

Source: Pinterest

Ok, bear with us on this one… a window in the shower cubicle. A small window with etched glass for privacy can be a great design-led addition to a bathroom, and if you are strapped for room, you can include one in a wall of your shower. Circular ones in particular look really attractive in the bathroom, and with etched glass, you will have all the advantages of a window in terms of letting light in, but you won’t compromise on privacy.

glass room divider

Source: Tumblr

Not technically a window that lets light in, but using windows as a room divider is a really interesting and unusual design idea. They’re ideal for adding some division to larger rooms, without compromising on light and without making them feeling separate rooms. This can be really useful when it comes to things like entertaining, or giving younger members of the household ‘privacy’, yet still being able to watch out for them.


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