Use a professional decorator for best results, says expert

Those of you hoping to enjoy the very best interior decor within your home have been advised to use the services of a professional decorator rather than attempt to do it yourself.

That is the view of Amanda Self, one of the founders of the Smart Cookies money group, who used a piece for the Globe and Mail to explain her beliefs on the subject. She said that while there are some jobs that one can tackle alone, there are others that must be left to the experts. For example, a friend asked her whether she should opt for linen white or vanilla ice cream white on her walls – an issue Ms Self immediately suggested she refer to a professional.

“Those of us who opt for do it yourself design want to save money, but sometimes this approach ends up costing more. A professional can ensure we’re making the best choices for our lifestyle, our home’s resale value and our budget,” she stated. Ms Self went on to note that those who are a little tighter on their expenditure can still enjoy expertise by hiring a junior designer or decorator rather than a senior member of staff.

The world is blessed with many talented young people who will not charge the same rates as their more established counterparts. She added: “The long-term value of professional guidance far outweighs the initial costs.” It seems clear that the best move to make is to enlist the services of a tradesman rather than attempt to carry out any work you may not be qualified to do.

If you are seeking inspiration for some home improvements this year, it may be worth taking note of the recent words of Sam Tamlyn, head of operations at, who said 2012 will be a time for bright and bold colours.

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