Use experts ‘for big home improvement schemes’

While DIY is fine for small tasks such as putting up a shelf, when it comes to big home improvement schemes professionals should always be used.

This is according to home automation company Vivint and so builders in Leeds and other parts of the UK may find their services are in demand.

Josh Houser, vice-president of service and inside sales at Vivint, observed energy savings and lower bills are among the knock-on benefits of installing a smart thermostat.

As well as this, security features – which could include CO2 alarms and glass break monitors – should be assembled in a professional manner to ensure their full effectiveness.

One homeowner observed: “Trying to install a home automation system myself would be like buying a new car without a warranty.”

Individuals need to be careful, as if they attempt a DIY project that is out of their skill set, then it could end up costing them more in the long run to get any issues sorted.

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