Vital home improvements and repairs can help Britons beat weather

With the UK currently experiencing a range of poor weather conditions – from heavy rain to high winds – it may be worth considering improvements that put your home in the best possible shape to overcome whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. has commented on the rough conditions plaguing the country at the moment and offers a number of tips to property dwellers. Peter Harrison, insurance expert at the website, said the new year may only be three days old but it is already leaving quite a mark on homes. Severe weather is a common theme for many residents, while there are also flood warnings in operation.

“I urge anyone who has been, or stands to be, affected by this severe weather to act now,” Mr Harrison stated, perhaps advocating the use of a professional tradesman to solve outstanding problems or put to bed any nagging doubts.

“Weather alerts serve as a timely reminder, especially to those living in flood risk areas, to be prepared for any unfortunate eventualities and to ensure you are fully protected for every eventuality,” he explained.

And it is not all about launching last-minute repairs or improvements, as even simple steps such as taking expensive belongings upstairs can pay off in the long run. The website went on to publish its top tips for beating the British weather this winter, which included investing in protection for soft furnishings and moving “irreplaceable” items. Other pieces of advice ranged from having new floorboards installed to packing a flood kit.

While you have your minds on home improvements, it may be worth bearing in mind the recent words of Andrew Leech, executive director of the National Home Improvement Council. He recommended draught-proofing a home, as this not only makes it more comfortable to live in but also reduces the amount of energy required to heat it, slashing fuel bills in the process.

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