We will always need ‘skilled tradespeople’

Apprenticeships are vital for businesses looking to secure their future, claims one training coordinator.

Jo Winslow of Wiltshire College, Trowbridge, says the biggest benefit of apprenticeships is they offer the opportunity for trainee tradespeople to “work, earn and learn”, the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald relays.

She adds that prospective apprentices should not be concerned about the current economic climate because employers are still “willing to take on keen and confident young people” who want to learn.

“Society will always need skilled and competent tradespeople,” she concludes.

Wiltshire College is the largest training provider for apprenticeships in the area and has almost 700 apprentices working across 36 different vocational areas, according to the news provider.

Research carried out by the Learning and Skills Council to mark Apprenticeship Week earlier this year found one in five businesses questioned were taking on more apprentices to help them through the economic downturn, while 22 % were actively recruiting.

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