We’re live!

As you know we’ve been talking a lot about our brand new TV ad. We’ve given you a sneak peak already and we hope you’re curious to see what it looks like. Because now, ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

Are you ready? Do you have popcorn at hand? Here we go.

This is our first TV commercial, and we’re of course very keen to hear what you think. Do you rate it or slate it? Tell us, and we’ll listen to each and everyone’s feedback.

For those of you who can’t get enough of the world of TV, we’ve got more stuff to digest. Here are the initial storyboards by Sergio Fabio Ferrari that were made before the shoot. We knew we wanted something different, something simple and something memorable.

How many of you can’t get that tune out of your heads now? Trust us, we know.

The ad isn’t like other commercials around as it’s filmed as one continuous shot. It does look effortless, but a lot of hard work went into making it look that smooth. Over 45 people worked on set and had their own designated tasks. 2 guys walked around with paint rollers, making sure the set was white at all times (to save on post-production costs), and 3 strong lads hoisted the sign, take after take, too mention just a few.

We felt it was important that our commercial was uncomplicated and easy to understand. So what did we want to focus on? Quality tradesmen doing a good job – as that’s what is all about.

The boys that made it all happen. From left: our CMO Tariq Dag Khan who’s got visions and ideas like no other; CEO Andy Skipwith who founded 6 years ago and lastly; Matteo Pizzarello, the saluted Director.

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