What are first time buyers looking for?

It’s not difficult to find information which helps the first time buyer. But Freshome have taken a novel approach this week and discovered exactly what first time home buyers are looking for. It makes for interesting reading and can help us all – whether we’re looking to sell our property or buy for the first time.

Family spaces are prioritised

The typical three bedroom home is highly sought after as many home buyers plan ahead to provide for potential children. They’re looking for these bedrooms to be placed on the same level, so that they can easily keep a watchful eye on any future children.

While the shower has been fashionable of late, baths are now back in favour! Freshome suggests that first time buyers see these as essential for bathing young children – and I can’t disagree on this one! Whoever heard of giving your child a shower?


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When it comes to the kitchen, an open plan design is still at the top of the list and the larger the space, the better – to make room for a growing family. With such a strong family focus, open plan is thriving as new buyers are keen to benefit from  the lack of internal dividing walls that encourage us to spend less time alone in the home.

What’s out of favour?

The dining room is no longer a must-have, nor is the driveway and garage. I suspect that the decline in family meals at the table has played its part in the dining room decline! These days, it’s much more common to eat in front of the TV, rather than all sit together at the table. As for the driveway and garage – it makes sense that these are the first things to go as they’re on the verge of luxury. As long as we keep on-street parking, I suspect most first time buyers will be happy.


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They aren’t searching for that “dream house”

All in all, today’s generation is more realistic and prepared to settle for a less than perfect house. While no first time buyer will jump at a run-down home, he/she is open to making improvements to gradually add value to a lower value home.

Current first time buyers take purchasing decisions more seriously and won’t complete sales as quickly as in the past. They’re keen to investigate their options and make sure that they’re moving into a home that they can happily live in for 3-5 years. The more homes are adapted to meet their expectations, the more properties will be snapped up…

Would you like to add a new bathroom to your home, or possibly even take the plunge into designing an open plan space? Post your job and up to three local tradesmen will help make your home more appealing to the first time buyer.


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