What does your hallway say about you?

When guests are coming round, we rush to wash up last night’s dinner plates, clear the living room of clutter, and make sure there are no stray hairs in the bathtub. Yet we forget all about the area of the home guests will see first – the hallway.

Your hallway can say a lot about your personality, and your home. Are your shoes strewn all over the place, or are they kept out of sight? Has your carpet been cleaned recently, or is it looking a little worse for wear? Here’s what your hallway says about you.

The nature lover

Dirty wellington boots on door mat in hallway

Muddy wellingtons and a well-used doormat can only mean one thing: someone who loves the outdoors lives here. Your dog’s toys, particularly her favourite ball, are often found by the front door, waiting to trip people up. If you’re lucky, the dog lead is hanging up next to your keys.

Nature lovers rarely have carpet in their hallways, as cleaning the mud off of it would be a pain! Instead, you’ve opted for luxury vinyl; it’s stain resistant, meaning those pesky foot and paw prints can be wiped away easily. The vinyl’s cushioned finish also ensures that your pet’s prints are seen, but not heard. You don’t care that your hallway isn’t perfect – it serves its function, and that’s all that matters. More hallway flooring ideas here.

The house-proud parent

Beautiful spring home decor

Your kids have long flown the nest, so you’re able to keep your house the way you like it: tidy and welcoming. The smell of freshly-baked cake always greets your guests’ noses at the door, and you’ve decorated your spacious hallway with luscious green plants and colourful flowers.

You always ask guests to wipe their feet and leave their shoes at the door, as you’re keen to keep your luxurious carpet free from dirt. Plus, you want your guests to sink their socks into your fluffy flooring. You adore your home, and you want to share it with everyone, so of course it has to be spotless at all times!

The young and hip couple

Recycling, handmade colorful ethnic retro rug

Film posters on the walls, a funky stripe runner and a novelty coatrack; this house can only belong to someone who’s young, hip and wants their guests to know it. You want your home to have personality, not look like something that’s been picked out of a catalogue, and your hallway is no exception.

Hardwood flooring is popular with this type of homeowner, as it’s hardwearing, easy to clean and looks swish in any modern apartment. It also means you spend less time cleaning, and more time hosting dinner and cocktail parties, which can’t possibly be a bad thing! People are envious of your home the moment they step through the door.

The big busy family

mess in child's room

If your hallway consists of a small person’s shoes, Peppa Pig toys and dummies, it gives your guests fair warning that a chaotic family lives here. Forget a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign, yours tells people to beware of the little monsters!

Despite all the clutter, your floor is actually pretty clean, because you’ve chosen a stain-resistant carpet. No amount of snot, juice and mud can damage your hallway. Plus, the soft floor means the little ones won’t hurt their hands and knees when they (inevitably) fall over. Your family are your world, so you put up with the odd stray sock and shoe in the hallway; even if they do belong to someone old enough to know better.

The student house

Welcome mat

Rarely is the student proud of their home. In fact, they’re generally happy as long as someone’s done the washing up and there is not mould in the bathroom. It’s safe to say then, that your hallway is looking a little neglected. There are letters left on the floor addressed to tenants who moved out long ago and dead leaves have managed to make their way indoors.

Luckily, the dirt trodden in by your many housemates and their friends is easy to sweep away, as your landlord has chosen to install laminate flooring, which is much easier to clean than carpet. That’s why you love your hallway – it’s the easiest cleaning task on the rota!

Of course, you may not have a hallway at all, so what does that say about you? Well, you don’t mess people around and prefer to welcome guests in immediately rather than have them hanging around in the hallway. You want your beautiful living room to be the first thing your visitors see as it’s much more bright and airy than a hallway could ever be. You can also read how to make most of your hallway.

To create the perfect hallway you may need a range of professionals to help. A painter and decorator perhaps or a builder for a more extensive refurbishment? Rated People can help you find the right people to complete the work for you. Simply fill out our form and receive up to three quotes for your project.

Laura Varley is a content specialist working on behalf of Flooring Megastore; the online flooring gurus.

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  1. Loved the article as it made me laugh. Our hallway is a mixture. Our whole lower floor is tiled for easy cleaning as we have a large family that have left home but are boomerangs(keep coming back). We also have grandchildren, so we have a very tidy display of assortment of footwear in our hallway. I am also artistic so design unusual wall hangings, dream catchers etc. So my hallway is very clean, but you can tell children are around, yet it has modern art designs and plants and the waft of freshly baked pastries and cakes. And far from having a quick tidy around before guests arrive, I ensure that the whole house is clean and tidy at all times.

    1. Lovely to hear Juanita! I too have the footwear display – although mine isn’t as tidy as it should be, I have to admit. Your hallway sounds fantastic.

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