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You may think that it would be easier and less costly to do the basic electrical work in your kitchen or bathroom yourself. However, if you want to get your home improvement project done this side of Christmas, you will want to avoid any contact with your local building authority, which will be unavoidable if you DIY it, or use an unqualified electrician.

What qualifications?

Part P qualifications are crucial for anyone wanting to do basic electrical work in kitchens or bathrooms, without needing to contact the local building authority. All trained electricians will have this qualification, however, some plumbers and heating engineers might also obtain a Part P qualification.

A tradesman wanting to obtain the qualification needs to be able to demonstrate technical competency and the ability to comply with safety and electrical standards for domestic properties. There are some things that you’ll require a qualified electrician for, such tasks as: PAT testing and periodic inspections, to prove that electrical safety standards are met.

PGS Electricians are all Part P qualified and NICEIC accredited – an industry body, designed to be a go-to resource for customers to find a competent electrician who abides by the latest regulations. Using a Part P qualified tradesman will not only ensure the quality and safety of the work but also save time by avoiding having to consult your local building authority.

The down sides of not using a trained electrician

The most significant down sides are the safety issues that can arise. A qualified electrician, such as Chris – one of the PGS London Electricians team – will have all the safety tools needed to check for poor wiring and live currents.

Chris recommends that if you’re buying a new property, you should get an electrical inspection carried out. It isn’t obligatory by any means, but it will give you maximum peace of mind to ensure that the electrics in your new property are safe. This is especially recommended if you are buying a period property with dated wiring.

If you intend to sell your house and the electrics have not been installed by a qualified electrician it is likely that, if inspected, you house will fail and this can often affect the price a buyer is prepared to offer.

Ensure that your electrics are safe

PGS advise that you have your home periodically inspected. A periodic inspection of an average sized property in London, will cost from around £195 (ex. VAT). Self-employed electricians will often be able to do this cheaper, but to ensure that you get a fully guaranteed service by fully vetted and experienced engineers, then it is worth spending the extra on a larger company such as PGS Electricians.

It’s recommended that you have your house periodically inspected, it’s important that you employ an engineer like Chris to complete the work. His accreditations will ensure your appliances and domestic electrics are being inspected by a true professional, trained to troubleshoot or spot any problems that might arise. Periodic inspections are large jobs, so on a medium to large sized property they are often a full days work, whilst smaller properties can be inspected within 4 – 6 hours. When completing an inspection, electricians will typically check to see if any equipment or circuits are being overloaded, locate any sub-standard electrical DIY work, find any potential hazards that might result in fire or shocks and also they’ll analyse the earthing and bonding of all electrics.

On a daily basis, electricians are faced with a variety of domestic electrical problems. Their experience is a good enough reason to opt for a professional to do electrical work, rather than yourself. You know you’ll be getting professional work completed that complies to industry standards.

When hiring a tradesman to do electrical work it is important to check that they are Part P qualified. If you’re planning a bathroom or a kitchen home improvement project, or would like to get your home inspected post your job for free on and we will put you in touch with up to 3 quality, local electricians, just like Chris from PGS Electricians.

When it comes to advice we like to ask the experts – our tradesmen – if you’re a tradesman and you would like to contribute and promote your company, get in touch: [email protected]

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