Women are swapping skinny for curvy & traders for tradesmen

It’s common knowledge that women want the perfect body and the perfect man, but who has the ideal body and who is Mr Perfect? Thankfully the stats are in and we know what women want!

It may be a surprise to some but according to Special K’s recent survey, skinny is out and curvy is in. Women no longer desire the Cheryl Cole lollipop look, instead women are aspiring to the holy grail that is the curvy hourglass figure belonging to Nigella Lawson.

But perhaps most shocking of all, bankers are no longer the preferred choice of boyfriend. A wealthy city trader on a your arm is no longer a sealed deal, traders are being swapped for tradesmen, who are seen as more reliable boyfriend material in these turbulant times. Plumbers, electricians and carpenters are seen as having reliable careers, whilst being handy to have around the house. found that the most viewed profiles were those belonging to tradesmen, while the bankers lag behind.

Not only are tradesmen viewed as more reliable but we have all had a bill from a plumber… ouch. It seems women want a man with a steady reliable job and were’re sure a lot of plumbers have more dosh than bankers at the moment, plus they can fix stuff around the house!

It would appear there are a good few eligible bachelor tradesmen out there; Charlie Mullins made his millions after founding Pimlico Plumbers, sadly he’s married but perhaps he’s missing his next business opportunity – His plumbers have to follow a strict set of rules on appearance (no builder’s bums allowed), we wonder how many of his well presented plumbers are on the market? And with dating demand for tradesmen on the rise across the UK, the plasterer from Winchester who recently won 1million on a scratch card isn’t likely to remain single for long!

We may not be a dating site but we do connect tradesmen with homeowners. Perhaps you’ve been putting off fixing those banisters or that leaky tap, there has never been a better time to get a tradesman round – after all it worked for Lilly Allen.

Post your job for free on and we will put you in contact with up to 3 tradesmen. And because we love a success story, if your Rated tradesman becomes a permenant fixture, let us know and we will feature your happy ending home improvement story.

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