World Water Day: practicing water efficiency in your home and garden

World Water Day is March 22nd. In honour of good old H2O, we’re providing ways to be more water efficient throughout the year. Practicing water efficiency not only serves a positive environmental purpose, but will also save you money. So why not? Start implementing the following tips this month so that both you and the Earth can enjoy the benefits of saving water.

Check all outlets for leaks

This may seem like common sense, but one of the best ways to practice water efficiency is to make sure water isn’t dripping wastefully all over the place. Check your sinks, toilets, washing machine, shower and all other water-related components of your home. If you have any leaks, get them fixed immediately. If items are broken, replace them with water efficient models.

Never let the water run

bathroom water

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It may not seem like a big deal, but the water that flows as you’re brushing your teeth, hand washing dishes or shampooing your hair – it adds up. In fact, you could save 150 gallons of water per month by shutting off the water while you wash your hair. That’s a lot of saving! So consider turning off the tap from now on as you brush, scrub and clean.

Garden with leftover water

Plants don’t require clean water. Set up a large bucket or barrel at the end of your gutter’s drainpipe in order to catch runoff and use that to feed your plants. Another idea: hand-wash your dishes over a basin in the sink and use that leftover water to water your plants. Water from the drainpipe can also be used to wash your car and windows.

Only run full loads

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Washing items in the dishwasher and washing machine is a luxury – can you imagine doing all that by hand? Unfortunately, many people are using these appliances inefficiently. Only run your machines when they’re full. One big load uses half the water of two small loads but cleans the same amount of dishes or laundry.

Use ice cubes or store water in the fridge

Running the tap in order to get cold water is a waste. It’s not necessary, either, even if you’re craving something chilled. Simply make ice cubes or put a bottle of water in the fridge in advance.

Regulate your laundry schedule

Consider how dirty your clothing really is. If you wore a shirt for ten minutes, or sported a pair of jeans to a sedentary day at work, do these items really need to be tossed in the basket? Wearing items more than once rather than washing them every time will lead to fewer loads of laundry and thus less water being used.

The same goes for your hair. In fact, hairdressers recommend against washing your hair every day because it dries out your tresses. When you’ve spent a day doing nothing active, with no exposure to dirt – do you really need to wash your hair? Refrain for a day and enjoy soft, luxurious hair while saving water at the same time!

Flush with less water

Convert your toilet into a low flush toilet. It sounds harder than it actually is. Basically, all you have to do is fill a container with pebbles and place it in your toilet tank. Make sure it’s not in the way of the mechanisms and flush away! Your toilet will use less water, making each flush way more efficient. The gallons conserved will add up fast.

Voilá – your home is now water efficient in time for the next World Water Day!

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