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Wrenovation: In the Kitchen with Linda Barker

We’ve teamed up with Wren Kitchens and the lovely Linda Barker for a series of articles based on the Home Wrenovation Survey 2015. Read on to get an insight into home décor trends and to see what we’ve learned…

Linda Barker

The kitchen has long been the heart of a happy home – and now we have the figures to prove it! Cooking, dining and entertaining all takes part in the kitchen, making this multifaceted room the most popular in the home.

Wren Kitchens surveyed homeowners all over the country and found that the kitchen topped many polls – making it the most loved room of the home.

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modern family kitchen

Speaking about the results, interior designer, presenter and all around home guru Linda Barker says: “Most of us desire a space where we not only cook and eat, but where we can read, use the laptop and play with the kids, as well as entertain our friends”.

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that 48% of households gave more attention to the kitchen than any other room of the home, while a massive 63.48% of people spend the most money – when renovating – on the kitchen.

Linda says: “The kitchen is clearly the one space in our homes that we are most happy to lavish our time and hard-earned cash on. For too long now, most of us have had to live with a plain kitchen that we either inherited when we moved in, or installed as a cheap quick fix. Things are changing for the better, as not only can getting the kitchen of your dreams be an affordable option, but most of us want to refresh our décor using modern fresh designs. Decoration is, more than ever, about expressing ourselves and reflecting our unique personalities. Few of us want a home like everyone else”.

wood in the kitchen

Top Tip: Lighting is a quick, easy and cost effective way to change the look and feel of your kitchen. Got a lighting job? Click here to search for the right tradesperson for you.

The kitchen is now a dining destination, with a growing trend for dining and entertaining in this space. 64% prefer to host their guests in the kitchen – a bonus for urban dwellers who are limited on space. With this in mind, why not repurpose your kitchen and dining room into an open plan area, for a multi-purpose space, and a home focal point.

“Most of us desire a kitchen that has a real ‘wow’ factor” says Linda. “Not only that but our survey shows that a lot of us are having a lot of fun thinking about the changes we are making to our homes. Decoration is, more than ever, about expressing ourselves and reflecting our unique personalities”.

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  1. Nice article. And yes, kitchen is my favourite too. I’m staying in a house with a small kitchen now but hope to have an island kitchen where I can entertain guests.

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