You pinned but did you win?

Over the last two weeks, you’ve all been busy re-pinning away and we’ve loved reading your comments about Abigail Ahern’s style!

For this competition the winner was picked at random, so I can’t give you a sneak peek into somebody else’s bedroom I’m afraid. But at least we gave you some style inspiration along the way by directing you to our Pin To Win moodboard!

Kelly is our well-deserved winner, who decided that 8 images were worth a re-pin. It was her love of the pineapple wall sconce that secured her £150 of Atelier Abigail Ahern vouchers and a copy of Abigail’s, ‘Decorating With Style’ guide to help her think like a designer.

Image Source: Abigail Ahern

The metal pineapple has a golden hue and we all know that gold steers us towards that expensive, almost regal look that we’re trying to capture.

The wall sconce prices in at £100 too – so maybe Kelly will want to purchase this with her winnings, along with the pure Peony Bulb White bouquet that caught her eye…

While most of the photos had their fair share of action over the two weeks, there were a few in particular which gained your approval.

TV feature wall

First place in your affections was Abigail’s clever merging of the TV amongst a framed photo wall. You can alternate the photo sizes and heights to give an eclectic look that doesn’t look too put together. By keeping the rest of the room simple through matching the walls to the sofa, the feature wall really stands out.

Image Source: Abigail Ahern

Animal lamps

In second place were the animal lamps, ranging from a bulldog to a pelican. The lampshades ooze vintage style and the coloured bulbs really do show them in their best light. What’s your favourite?

Venus fireplace

In third place, we have Abigail’s striking Venus fireplace. Named after the goddess of love, she must have known from the start that this would be a hit. The decorative framed art pieces, along with the beautiful lilac flowers and animal lamp, inject just the right amount of colour and personality into the space. This is a room that’s easy to recreate and far from bland.

Image Source: Abigail Ahern

Have we mentioned your favourite photo or does another example of Abigail’s work catch your eye? Let us know by getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter. If you need help from a painter/decorator or a traditional craftsman to get your home magazine ready, post your job! Up to three tradesmen will get in touch. Have a look at their profiles and ratings and choose which one will be best suited to your job.

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