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Your guide to the perfect bachelor pad

This week, one of the guys in our office asked for help with styling his home. Living alone, he wants to open his front door and step into a tasteful property, with no giant pool table in sight. A re-imagined bachelor pad so to speak. After some research, I’ve come up with criteria for what I hope you’ll agree is the perfect bachelor pad. No really, it does exist!

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Stick to a minimalist style

Minimalism is the perfect style to work with because it’s simple and functional yet well-put-together. Great attention is paid to space, which in itself tops the wishlist for new home buyers. If you can style to imply that you have a large amount of space, you’ll find it easier to sell up in the future.

Minimalist bachelor pad

Image source: Apartment Therapy

While your home will be minimalist in style, it can still vary from another minimalist property depending on whether your taste leans to contemporary, modern or craftsman design. Contemporary has an urban feel with exposed brick walls and concrete, stone or wood flooring. Modern mixes different materials such as metal, wood and leather with lots of earthy tones throughout. Craftsman, meanwhile, prefers wooden elements from furniture to flooring, also favouring an earthy palette.

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Start with the sofa

Slick bachelor pad

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As a bachelor, you’re going to spend a lot of time on the sofa and placing it in the middle of the room will communicate that you have a good amount of space. The classic suave pad will be equipped with a tan, deep brown, grey or black sofa. Personally, I think black can be too harsh and tan too smoking era. My first choice is grey. It’s an easy colour to work with and one that females find just as appealing, should you find yourself in the pre-moving in together stage of a relationship.

Avoid the large, wall-mounted TV

Nothing says ‘bachelor’ like an oversized TV that has pride of place on your living room wall. If the wall-mounted model is a must-have, remember that this is your home, not a cinema so be reasonable when it comes to the size.

open plan living room

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Find storage solutions

Whether it’s DVD’s, videogames or something else that captures your interest, make sure that these are displayed in a manner that hints at your maturity so any visitors aren’t put off when they enter a room. You’ll have a looser reign with DVD’s so can pick a cabinet or quirky looking shelving to house them. Doors will mean that you can easily disguise your collection whenever you like.

Use artwork to explore your interests

If you’re a comic book fan, why not frame and hang replicas of their covers in your hallway or bedroom? The comic book is the male equivalent of the female teddy bear on the bed issue. If you’re creative in your display, you can pass them off but the bookcase of comic books won’t win you any style awards and is best left in your childhood bedroom.


Image Source: Douglas Friedman

Don’t shy away from plants and accessories

Don’t be fooled into thinking that plants are a female-only accessory. They can bring a personal touch to any home. As roses probably aren’t your thing, opt for an edgier plant that’s easy to maintain – like a money tree or aloe vera which can be grown indoors all year round.

If you’ve truly embraced the minimalist style and you’re now afraid that your rooms look too bare, texturise to add interest – with throws, cushions and patterns in different fabrics. Always remember that you’re decorating for change – in other words, decorating to appeal to a potential flatmate as well as yourself. This could be a partner, or a friend moving in to help with the bills. Try not to do anything too drastic and invest in easily movable furniture whenever possible in case you want to make a few changes after a friend’s input. The minimalist touch should make redecorating easy as you won’t have any vibrant floral patterns on your walls.

If in doubt, you can always ask a male and female friend to take a look!

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