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6 Tips for Creating a Cosy Home

There’s more to creating a cosy home than just draping a throw over a sofa. You’ll need to consider lighting and each rooms’ colour scheme to get the desired result. While it might look cosy, it also needs to feel cosy, so maintenance shouldn’t fall by the wayside either. Our 6 step guide will set you on the right path to stay ahead this winter.

Light it up

We wake up when it’s dark and leave work when it’s dark, so it’s no surprise that we need an extra light boost in our homes. Make sure you’ve got a good mix of the three lighting types – ambient, task and accent. Your ambient light is your central ceiling light, while your task and accent lighting either focus light to help you perform tasks or highlight an object or area for visual appeal. I’ve said it before but I really can’t say it enough, table lamps and under-cabinet lighting are good multi-taskers which balance out the light levels in your home.


Picture a cosy home for a minute. I bet you imagined a room with a fireplace. If you have one, light it now and then flick the switch on your imitation hearth. Those not wanting to install one from scratch can cheat with flickering candles to throw a warm glow around the room.

Assess your natural light

Did your home appear gloomy throughout summer? If the answer’s yes, you might need to re-think your windows and doors. French sliding doors can make a back room feel airier, while a skylight could do wonders in a bedroom.

Cover up flooring

If you live in a property with a wooden beamed ceiling, your hardwood floor won’t seem stark and cold. The beams and flooring play off each other, leaving you with a room which is snug and inviting. More modern, minimalist properties can appear bleak in comparison, so liven up the wood with rugs that are size appropriate. They won’t only seem warmer to look at, they’ll feel warmer underfoot too!

Play with furnishings

It’s the easiest time of year to craft an inviting space. Log baskets, textured cushions, throws and faux-knitted candles will add seasonal charm. They’re instantly effective and easy to swap when we emerge from the depths of darkness.

Insulate your home

Blinds look great in the summer but they won’t be much use once the temperature falls. Layer up with curtains, or swap your existing curtains for a heavier style with a thermal lining. Finish up by making your home draught-proof – fix a leaking roof or window and buy a few draught-excluders to plug any gaps letting air circulate underneath your doors.

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Choose warm colours

We all know that a cool blue is more suited to a fresh summer palette than a cosy winter scheme. You want to choose shades that you won’t tire of, so look at any accessories around the home for ideas. Bags, lampshades, and bedside ornaments can all serve as sources of inspiration.

Your burnt coppers, reds and golds will bring that picture book style to life but if you don’t want to deviate from a neutral colour scheme, introduce wooden tones through furniture and furnishings.

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