Get your tot on the property ladder

Cotton Candy Manor is a chain free bargain at the delightful price of £9,750 from rainbowplay

This may sound like a rather hefty investment for a birthday or Christmas present but, where better to start her property tycoon empire than at the bottom of mum and dad’s garden. But be warned if your child gets a taste for the property market, the bank of Daddy maybe asked for a mortgage to fund the development of her property portfolio – the creation of Cotton Candy village!

Perhaps this grand Victorian number is more up her street? This one may push the budget at £24,764.00 from rainbowplay but how could you say no to your little princess?


Do not under value the life lessons that come with property management at an early age. How many little girls own illegal Wendy houses? Did you help your daughter seek planning permission for her structure? One little girl’s Daddy in Shropshire missed this trick and now her local planning officers are after her illegal structure! Measuring 6ft x 8ft it isn’t even a very grand Wendy house (little more than a shed), but the miserable council lot want it moved, despite of no complaints from local residents. They have ordered no further development be carried out, scuppering any future plans for an extension. You have to wonder if this is the council’s idea of fun/their version of taking candy from a baby.

Abigail in her Wendy house: Photo from the Shropshire Star

So if you know any young ladies with Wendy houses, do be sure to get the rules straight on Wendy house building permissions. Thanks to this current scare, hundreds of little girls around the UK will be living in fear or having their Wendy houses demolished!

If you do have planning permission for your little darlings house and she would like some creature comforts added e.g., electricty and running water get a Rated Person in to make her house a home.

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