You’re hired: 2016 apprenticeships

This week is National Apprenticeship Week and much attention has been paid to the role of apprenticeships in the UK: the benefits of schemes for both the employers and apprentices, the Government’s commitment to create three million apprenticeships by 2020 and pledges by various businesses to take on apprentices. Notably absent from many of these conversations though is the role of apprenticeships in specific sectors – specifically the trades industry. The trades industry is facing a chronic skills gap, with Ofsted’s 2015 study on apprenticeships describing a ‘dilution of quality’ as there are not enough apprenticeships providing advanced, professional skills.

We commissioned a survey of both young people and tradespeople to understand why there are shortfalls in the number of trade apprenticeships and what are perceived barriers to apprenticeships in the sector. Check out the findings below – some of them may surprise you!

apprentice - infographic final


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  1. Trade apprenticeships are so important for the future of the industry. There are some negative associations with especially plumbing, heating and decorating but there are trade workers out there that show a great deal of care, appreciation and expertise; it just can be difficult to find them sometimes.

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