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We know it's difficult to estimate how much a project will cost, that's why we've surveyed our tradesmen to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay for specific jobs. Tradesmen all across the country have contributed to the cost guides, so the costs you see are an approximate national average.

Slipped tiles or slates

Low High
Slipped £100 £300

Where tiles or slates have slipped your roofer may be able to simply replace them. This will mean inspecting the tile and putting them back in place before nailing them home. Tiles or slates usually slip due to high winds and seeing slipped tiles could well be a sign that more are due to slip. The damage can also be down to nesting birds or extremes of cold.

It is always advisable to get a roofer to have a look at your roof as soon as is possible after spotting slipped tiles. They will then be able to test the rest of the tiles and spot any that look as if they too could slip. They can also see if any felt or flashing has been damaged by slipped or falling tiles. If the slipped tiles are cracked or badly damaged then your roofer will simply replace them, trying to closely match the colours or designs on the rest of the roof.

Rated People asked 41 of our registered roofers across the country to give approximate prices for repairing roofs and for laying new roofs.

Please note these are average costs which vary according to the type of roof, the part of the property and the size of the property. Materials are not included and the cost guides are intended only to help you budget when posting a job on Rated People. For a free quote tailored to your specific requirements, please contact our local roofers.


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