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We know it's difficult to estimate how much a project will cost, that's why we've surveyed our tradesmen to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay for specific jobs. Tradesmen all across the country have contributed to the cost guides, so the costs you see are an approximate national average.

Painting a dining room

Good condition Average condition Poor condition
Low High Low High Low High
Painting a dining room £150 £375 £225 £565 £300 £750

The size of your dining room, as well as the shape, will determine how much it costs to paint. A simple box shape will make it easy for your painter and decorator to finish the job rapidly, whereas extensive ornamental features to paint around, or exceptionally high ceilings, will all add to the time and therefore the cost. The paint itself will make up a proportion of the cost, but how much will depend on what kind of paint you choose. You can go from a DIY store’s own brand to well-known names and onto heritage colours from designer brands.

You usually get what you pay for, but your painter should be able to give you the inside track on what is most durable, will work best on your walls and offers the best value for the space. They will also be able to tell you just how much you need, so always buy after you have spoken to a professional. They will also tell you about the different finishes that are available and how they will change the look of your dining room. In some cases the painter will buy the paint for you, but they may charge you for that trip to the DIY store or their trade supplier, so always ask what you are paying for.

When you hire a professional painter or decorator you will find that a good amount of the time and hence the budget, will go on painstaking preparation work. A good painter is neat, but that does not mean that they won’t have to spend a good hour or more putting masking tape over edges and skirting, placing dust sheets over furniture and ensuring that your dining room carpet remains paint-free. Only when the protective materials are in place will your painter get out the paint, rollers and brushes. All these are standard pieces of decorator kit, so you should not be expecting to pay for these items on a job.

If you have good quality flat walls then your painter should be able to finish the job quickly. It may take longer if there are uneven walls that need filling or skimming. In some cases your painter will recommend that you use a lining paper to create a truer, cleaner finish on your dining room walls. This may be preference or down to the quality of the surface, but do ask, as this will be an additional cost that you bear. 

Rated People surveyed 60 of our painters and decorators across the country to give you an idea of the approximate costs for a range of interior decorating jobs in your home. Factors which influence cost are the room you want decorating, the job you want doing in it and the condition of the room. We classify surfaces in “Good Condition” as having a few picture hooks or small cracks in the wall, “Average Condition” as having multiple cracks or holes and “Poor Condition” as having larger cracked or damaged plaster.

Please note these prices are average, do not include materials and are offered as guidance only, to help you budget when posting a job on Rated People. Most tradesmen we surveyed said the start price for work is £500, so these costs are really only appropriate if you have more than one room to decorate. For a free quote tailored to your specific requirements, please contact one of our local painter and decorators.


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