Our credit policy for tradespeople


Why am I being asked to confirm if I spoke to a tradesperson?

Our tradespeople pay for the opportunity to quote on your job.

If they are not given a fair opportunity to quote – for example, you already chose someone else to complete the work without cancelling your job or you did not respond to their calls and emails, they can request a refund.

Before we can grant a refund, we need to check with you that the tradesperson’s request is valid.


What if I’m not sure which option to choose?

Our tradespeople are entitled to a lead credit refund whenever they were not fairly considered to do the work for your job. Here are some common scenarios and which options you should select:

Select ‘YES’ when you have been in contact and gave a fair opportunity to quote, this includes:

  • You received the tradesperson’s calls / messages but you reviewed their profile and ratings and chose not to speak to them (in which case, please let them know!)
  • You received the tradesperson’s calls / messages but you haven’t had the chance to get back to them yet (in which case, please do so ASAP!)
  • You spoke to the tradesperson on the phone about the job and decided not the proceed with them
  • You recieved a quote/estimate from the tradesperson and did not choose to have them do the work
  • You spoke to the tradesperson on the phone about the job and the tradesperson was not interested or could not coordinate a time to do the work and/or quote
  • You are still waiting for a quote from this tradesperson for any reason

Select ‘NO’ when you have not been in contact with the tradesperson or did not give them the opportunity to quote:

  • You already chose another tradesperson to complete the work and did not cancel your job
  • You used multiple sources to find a tradesperson and chose an alternative one before this Rated People tradesperson was allowed to quote
  • You posted a job just to see how the site worked and / or to gather information from a tradesperson without any intention of having the work completed
  • You posted a job to the site for work on a property that you don’t own or do not have the rights to make alterations to
  • The job you posted was not accurate for the work you actually needed (eg: in the wrong trade category or postcode) and the tradesperson is physically unable to do the work


The tradesperson has spoken to me and asked me to approve this request – should I?

Unfortunately, sometimes our tradespeople will attempt to have you help them get the money they paid to quote on your job refunded back to them even though they have legitimately met with you or even carried out the work. This is a form of credit fraud, and by assisting them, you would be an active participant in fraudulent activity. Therefore, we strongly advise that you do not help facilitate this activity.

Furthermore, by declaring that you have not had the job completed by this trade business, you waive your right to our dispute resolution service or Citizen’s Advice action if the work was actually completed by the trade business. This means, should there be any future problems that you encounter with this tradesperson or their work, we cannot and will not intervene on your behalf.