Rated People and Homebase – FAQs

1. Why is Rated People working with Homebase?

Homebase are looking to expand their ‘We’ll Do It For You’ service by helping homeowners to fit the products they’ve bought instore. We’re the #1 site for connecting homeowners with tradespeople across the UK and Homebase are looking for quality tradespeople like yourself to introduce to their customers. The new ‘We’ll Do It For You, powered by Rated People’ service means that Homebase can go the extra mile to help their customers and we can get more high quality job leads being posted to Rated People for you to choose from.


2. How does the Rated People and Homebase partnership work?

When a Homebase customer needs work done in their home, Homebase will post the job on Rated People on their behalf. Up to three tradespeople can buy the lead and Homebase will choose the tradesperson they want to carry out the work. Once you’ve been chosen for a job, Homebase will send you the customer’s details via SMS for you to make contact with them. After the work’s done, the homeowner will pay you for the job and Homebase will get in touch with them to collect their feedback on the job and leave you a rating on Rated People.


3. Will the Rated People and Homebase partnership cover my trade?

The Rated People and Homebase partnership is being trialled across all trades, however there are seven services that fall within these which won’t be offered. Flatpack furniture and outdoor building assembly, tiling and flooring installation where they are standalone projects, sliding door installation and complete kitchen and bathroom installations won’t be offered as Homebase already have National contracts in place with other suppliers to provide their customers with these services.


4. How do I get chosen for a Homebase job?

Homebase will be taking on the role of the homeowner at the start by choosing the tradesperson they want to carry out the work for each customer. To increase your chances of winning work, make sure that your profile page is complete and your ratings are high. We’ll be sending Homebase your profile page when you buy one of their job leads, so it’s important that you make sure it gives a great impression of you and your business to convince them that you’re the best person for the job!


5. Why can’t I contact the Homebase customer directly?

As a job lead is posted to Rated People by Homebase, they need to be convinced that they’re introducing a quality tradesperson to their customer. They also want to make the process as simple as possible for their customer, by introducing them to one tradesperson who can help them, rather than offering the possibility of up to three to choose from. Once you’re chosen for a job, Homebase will send you the customer’s details via SMS and you’ll be able to contact them directly from that point forward to discuss the job in more detail.


6. Who pays me, Homebase or the customer?

Once the job is complete, the customer will pay you directly. After that, Homebase will contact the homeowner to gather their feedback and give you a rating.


7. What happens if I have an issue with a Homebase job?

If you have an issue with a Homebase job, Homebase are there to support you. Whether it’s job parts that are the problem or an issue with the homeowner, you can get in touch with the Homebase team on 0345 266 8818 for further help and advice. Homebase will remind you of this number in the SMS that they send you with the homeowner’s details (once you win a job) so you’ll always have it to hand.


8. Am I guaranteed a rating for a Homebase job?

With Homebase contacting the homeowner to request feedback on your services, you have a higher chance of being rated – although of course, we can’t guarantee that a homeowner will definitely respond and provide enough feedback for them to rate you.