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Hi I need a gardener, to firstly landscape a garden and then to maint

Posted by Kamala , on
Hi I need a gardener, to firstly landscape a garden and then to maintain the garden monthly. Any ideas on initial cost and monthly cost? K
Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle

hi you can not give ideas as need to know the size of garden etc plus what you want eg turf, patio etc what area are you in thanks steve
Bozena Lewandowska

Bozena Lewandowska

Hi, it depends on the size, condition, place, numbers of plants - shrubs, trees and how long is no one cared. If you live in West London, Windsor, Slough - I can give you the quote, but I have to have a look it before.
Craig Young

Craig Young

There are many different options when landscaping a garden. The first thing to do is to try and decide what sections of your garden are going to be used for what purposes. Paving, decking, turfing, planting, barking all work out at different rough prices per square meter so of course size plays a large part as well. The best thing to do is to get at least three different quotes from reputable landscapers.
Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle

if you are in the manchester area let me know and i can come and give you a quote i will send you my number if you are thanks steve

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