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What are the best Convection Radiators on a budget?

Posted by Carole Camp, on
I want to replace my 28 year old single steel radiators, there are 7 to be replaced and one removed. I would like to know what is the best radiator to use. I have calculated that the living room need about 12000btus and I would like to just use one radiator. Any ideas? I will be posting this job in a few weeks but I want to do some research first.
gareth butcher

gareth butcher

Hi Carole 12000 btu's is around 3.5 kw that's quite a big radiator. The kind of size you would be looking at is 2000mm wide by 600mm high, price wise around £200.
William Keogh

William Keogh

Carole, Standard Radiators are all much the same in quality and price. I would estimate approximately a 2.2m x 600mm Radiator, but maybe smaller if you use a Double Radiator. Approx Cost £215.00 Bill Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services Bournemouth

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