Period Restoration, Bromley

  • Under £250
  • 19:35 19 February 2019
  • Hi I need the expertise of a joiner to repair a small hanging window approx 1’ width by 3’6. It’s on a property dated 1790. It’s a simple opening sash, one side is fixed but due to a tenant leaving window open permanently for 8 years the bottom of sash rotted and the two panels of glass fell out. I need the bottom of the window which holds the glass in replaced and bottom of sash moulded to look same - approx 1’ width by 3 inches and a smaller piece in centre to hold two panes of glass - the whole sash can be unscrewed and worked on off site and just re hung when complete. There is also a small sliding sash to back which would be additional work if the person is interested. I live in Hayes, bromley Kent area. 

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