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There are thousands of tradesmen using Rated People to give their businesses a boost. Here’s how they use our service and some tips for new members.

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Just a quick note to say very impressed with the new advertising. I’ve gone from 50 emails a day to 300, well done.

SLB Brickwork, Greater London, 30/1/2012


You guys are professional. Honest. Trustworthy and you seem to run a very well oiled machine. I have turned the corner in my working life (that I’ve been waiting on for many years) by getting on board with true professionals. I am so happy working with this company and I aim to inform every customer I meet to spread your name and fyi, your name is slowly becoming a household name all over.

James Rodgers Bathrooms, Glasgow, 22/2/2012


We have so far found Rated People to be a fantastic business tool – We have completed a job through them and got a 5 star rating which has really helped us with our promotion. They are prompt and their customer service has been brilliant so far. We are now currently working with a couple of leads for pricing!

Pure Developments Cornwall, Cornwall, 1/3/2012


I think lots of people mis-understand how this site works, it’s much like ebay feedback – the customers rate the tradesmen not rated people, I think that’s better! It’s genuine! It gives a lot of security to the customer and the tradesman. For anybody who has had bad workmanship from a Rated People contractor – did you check their feedback? Qualifications? It’s all on the site and there for you to check. In tough times, sites like this are the way forward.

Trafford Groundwork Manchester, 15/3/2012


I’ve been with you over a year now and have found it great, the TV advertising has been great.[…] Paper advertising, directories etc. just a waste of time and hard earned money. Many thanks, at last something that actually works.

Ideal Alarm Systems, Derbyshire, 20/5/2012

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