Installing a bath

Rub-a-dub dub, let’s fit a tub.

Level of difficulty

Level 3: Advanced

What you need

A new bath
Putty knife
Gate valves
Screw driver
Flexible hose
Caulking gun
Thin pieces of metal

The steps to follow

1. Whether you’re fitting a new bath in the same location or relocating it elsewhere in the bathroom, you should first remove the old tub
2. First, turn off the main water supply to the taps
3. Use a crowbar to remove any bath panel to expose the plumbing connections
4. Slide a putty knife into the edge of the caulk paste to loosen the tub from the bath panel
5. Saw through the supply pipes with a hacksaw just above the level of the basin trap
6. Fit in gate valves to the ends of each pipes
7. Check that they are positioned in a way where a screwdriver can be inserted to open or close the valve. Leave the valve in the closed position for now
8. Disconnect the old trap from the basin water outlet
9. Unscrew fixings that are holding the bath tub. If you’re having problem unscrewing the fixings, make sure that the wall brackets holding the tub are undone. You can slide a knife along the wall-bath junction to locate the wall brackets

Note: With a plastic bath tub, assemble the support cradle and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. With a steel bath tub, attach the feet to the underside of the bath with the adhesive pads supplied. Turn the tub over and attach the new taps, waste outlet, and overflow fittings. Seal the holes with washers.
* Connect the flexible pipe to the tap tails and reconnect the cut-off supply pipes
* Fit the new bath tub in place
* Use thin pieces of metal to shim the tub if needed

10. Fasten the bath tub feet to the floor. If the bath has to be secured with wall brackets, chip the plaster away and screw the brackets to the wall
11. Once the brackets are fixed, plaster sections of the wall that you’ve chipped away
12. Attach the trap to the bath waste outlet
13. Finish the job by connecting the flexible pipe ends to the gate valves, that you’ve just attached to the supply pipes
14. Check all the plumbing connections for leaks and fit the bath panel in place
15. Apply caulk around the edges of the bath tub and panel. Let it dry before using the tub
16. Turn on the main water supply and test to see if the taps are working properly


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