Shower tray installation

Here’s all you need to learn how to install a shower tray.

Level of difficulty

Level 2: Intermediate

What you need

Power drill
Shower tray
Metal sheets
Shower trap
Caulking gun
Silicone sealant

The steps to follow

Note: For a water tight joint, we recommend installing the tray before you tile the wall.

  1. Place the shower tray in the area where you plan to install it
  2. Mark the outline of the shower tray on the area
  3. To install the shower tray on concrete floors, excavate the area to a depth of about 4 cm (1.5 in)
  4. To install it on wooden floors, measure the area where you plan to fit the shower tray and cut through the floorboards. Cut away any floorboards and floor joists so that the shower tray can fit properly in the space
  5. Dig a hole either on the ground or on the wall to fit the shower trap to the waste pipe
  6. Spread a layer of cement on the newly excavated area. The cement will need to be about 5 cm (2 in) thick. Be careful not to fill the hole you’ve just dug up for the waste pipe
  7. Place the shower tray on top of the cement. Elevate about 2.5 cm (1 in) on one side of the tray to allow the water to flow down towards the waste pipe. Shim the tray with thin metal sheets and secure with galvanized nails
  8. Attach the top flange of the shower trap on the shower tray
  9. Tighten the screws around the shower tray to secure it to the floor and wall
  10. Apply silicone sealant around the edges of the shower tray
  11. Let the silicone sealant set overnight
  12. Once the shower tray is properly installed, you can start tiling the walls

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