Replacing a ceiling fixture

A ceiling fixture can be the centrepiece of the room and they come in all sorts of spectacular designs and varieties to create any mood. From luxurious chandelier to Chinese paper lantern, here’s how you replace that ceiling fixture to match the scheme of your room.

Level of difficulty

Level 2: Intermediate

Things you’ll need

Wire strippers
Circuit tester
Power drill
Electrical tape
Ceiling light fixture

The steps to follow

  1. Turn off the mains power supply
  2. Remove the screws holding the ceiling rose
  3. Use a circuit tester to check if the power is off. If the circuit tester detects that power is still flowing, disconnect the fuses in the fuse box
  4. Gently pull out the wires from the ceiling and disconnect them from the existing ceiling light fixture
  5. After you’ve disconnected the wires from the light fixture, turn the mains power on and test the wires with the circuit tester to see if power still flows in these wires
  6. Don’t forget to turn off the mains power when you’re finished testing the wires
  7. Unpack your new ceiling light fixture and follow the manufacturer’s instruction to assemble it
  8. With a helper, position the fixing bracket of the ceiling light fixture right next to the electrical box
  9. Mark the screw holes of the fixing bracket onto the ceiling
  10. Drill the screw holes and screw the fixing bracket onto the ceiling
  11. Connect the ceiling light fixture wires to the corresponding wires from the electric box (neutral wires to neutral, live wire to live, earth wire to earth.) For each neutral, live, and earth wire, strip the ends with a wire stripper, twist to connect them to the corresponding wires from the electric box, and use electrical tape over each connection
  12. Neatly tuck the wires back in the electric box and replace the face plate
  13. Turn the mains power on and check if the ceiling light fixture is properly installed

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