Installing a shaver socket

A shaver socket is a must-have nowadays with people owning more and more bathroom gadgets like electric shavers and toothbrushes.

Level of difficulty

Level 2: Intermediate

Things you’ll need

Safety goggles
Vacuum cleaner
Power drill
Mounting box
Shaver socket
Wire stripper
Screw driver

The steps to follow

  1. Hold the mounting box against the wall and trace the outline on the wall with a pencil
  2. If the wall is made of plasterboard, cut the hole for the mounting box with a saw. If the wall is made of masonry, use a hammer and chisel to slowly chop away the brickwork
  3. Sweep clean the inside of the hole to clear the debris
  4. Mark four screw-holes that you’ll need to mount the box onto the wall
  5. Drill the holes and insert eyelets into each one
  6. Secure the mounting box with screws
  7. Turn off the mains power supply before you start routing the wires
  8. Carefully route the wires through to the mounting box
  9. With a pair of wire strippers, strip the plastic insulation off the ends of the wires
  10. Fasten the ends of the live, neutral, and earth wires to their corresponding terminals on the shaver socket
  11. Tuck the wires back into the mounting box
  12. Fit the shaver socket to the mounting box and secure with screws
  13. To prevent any moisture from forming in the socket, apply sealant around the edges of the mounting box
  14. Switch the mains power back on
  15. Test the shaver socket to see if it is fully functional

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