Repairing an Artex ceiling

Although the Artex craze of the 70s and 80s is a thing of the past, repairing an old Artex ceiling is cheaper than re-skimming the entire area.

Level of difficulty

Level 2: Intermediate

Things you’ll need

Dust sheet
Putty knife
Stipple brush
Paint brush
Wall sealant
Utility knife
Tape measure
PVA bonding

The steps to follow

Repairing holes in an Artex ceiling

Note: Don’t strip or scrape the Artex for it can contain asbestos, which is toxic and harmful when inhaled.

    1. To repair a small crack or hole in an Artex ceiling, fill the damaged area with putty
    2. Let the putty set and dry
    3. Carefully smooth the surface with fine grade sandpaper
    4. Apply a coat of sealant

Covering an Artex ceiling with plasterboard

Note: To repair larger surface areas, you’ll need to hire a specialist to strip the Artex off the ceiling.
If you decide not to strip the Artex, you could also cover the Artex with plasterboard.

  1. Cover your work area with a dust sheet
  2. Remove all ceiling light fixtures
  3. Take measurements of the ceiling, divide the area into sections and cut plasterboards to size
  4. If necessary, make a hole in the plasterboard ceiling to allow for a ceiling rose
    Note: It might be a good idea to get extra help when fitting the plasterboards on the ceiling
  5. Place plasterboard on the ceiling and secure with screws
  6. Brush a layer of PVA bonding on the plasterboard and let it dry
    Note: When you are ready to apply the Artex, work in small sections so that the Artex doesn’t dry
  7. Mix the Artex well
  8. Load a large paint brush with Artex and brush a generous amount onto the area you’ve just covered with PVA bonding. The layer should be thick enough so that patterns can be created
  9. You can create different types of patterns on the Artex
  10. Otherwise you can use a brush and create a stippling pattern to the Artex ceiling
  11. Let the Artex dry overnight before applying paint

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