How it Works

  1. Build your profile
    Showcase your business on your unique, public profile page. Upload your company description, certifications and photos of past work. This page is the first thing your potential customers see and will show all the ratings you earn through Rated People.
  2. Get job leads
    Over 60,000 requests for tradesmen are posted to Rated People every month. We send you the ones that match your postcode, work area, trade and skills. You can view these job leads the moment they are posted via our main website, email, SMS and our mobile app.
  3. Buy job leads
    Each job lead includes the customer’s job description, estimated budget and postcode as well as the price to buy the full customer details. Browse the leads we send you and buy those most likely to convert into work.
  4. Call the customer
    Once you buy a job lead, we give you the customer’s mobile number and email address so you can contact them directly to find out more about the job and quote. Meanwhile, your profile page, ratings and contact details are sent to the customer.

  5. Get rated
    After the work is complete, ask your customer to rate you based on quality, reliability and value. Ratings act as ‘word of mouth’ online and will help you build your reputation and win more work.


Why should I use Rated People?

Our service is better than word of mouth and directories for 5 reasons:

  1. No waiting for the phone to ring
    Get a continuous supply of job leads to choose from all year round matching your specified trade, skills and location
  2. Showcase your work
    Use your personal profile to share your company information, qualifications and photos of past work with potential customers
  3. Grow your reputation
    Your ratings and profile serve as your online word of mouth and help you win new customers
  4. Fill gaps in your diary
    During periods when you’re less busy, use our site to win work & grow your customer base
  5. Find work on the go
    Use our mobile app & SMS alerts to buy and manage job leads when you’re out and about



Rated People and TrustMark

Rated People and TrustMark are working together to help connect UK homeowners with local and expert tradespeople.

Not all Rated People trade members are TrustMark-registered firms. But those who are will have the TrustMark badge displayed on their profile page. Rated People trade members who wish to register with TrustMark can find out more information here.

Furthermore, any TrustMark tradesperson who wishes to sign-up with Rated People will receive a free year’s membership! Just call us on 0800-953-4040 for more information.

Want to know more?

There are lots of tradesmen already using Rated People, see what they have to say here,
or visit our FAQs for more information.