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Changes to internal layout

I want to change the internal layout of my kitchen & dining room,making it a kitchen diner. I will also be blocking off some windows & creating a new one & installing a downstairs WC. This will involve taking down some internal walls(not sure if they are load bearing) & creating some new internal walls. Should I instruct a surveyor to draw up plans & gain building reg approval before asking a builder for estimates

Winter concrete

I need to have a base made for a shed to stand on. Can concrete be laid in the winter? Also what kind of tradesman do I need? Thanks


My raditors are cold at the bottom and hot along the top no air black water

13 amp to 45 amp

13 amp to 45 amp. I have a 13 amp plug socket used for a range cooker. I have bought one that requires a 45 amp socket. Can the 13amp one be converted to 45 amp?

Rcd wont turn on

Good evening. the lights just went off in my house and when i got to the fuse board the switch labelled rcd wont go back on. it feels like the actual switch part has gone floppy and moving it isnt doing anything if you know what i mean. if it is just this rcd switch that is faulty any ball park figures on how much to replace, or is it a new fuseboard? Its a contactum 63A. thanks

Mr S Rao

Am I to use 0.75mm cable to extend from existing home electric cable


How can you see reviews on your chosen tradesman? Someone has phoned us so we have his name but I wanted to check reviews on him to see what he's like.

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