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Mrs Williams

Carpenter. If you fitted garage doors, and needed to cut the brickwork to fit the frame, using an angle grinder, how would you tackle the dust issue?

Tradesman behaviour

We were intimidated by tradesman last time when we didn't use them. Do you keep a check on them?


So, an electrician came around, to my flat today. I'm really not certain about him at all, he didn't inspire a lot of confidence. He has moved (& rewired?) the mcbs on my circuit breaker to different locations. Is this something that usually happens? I'm considering getting another electrician out, just to find out, if what he did was ok.. with thanks for your time..

Is it electrician who does this job

I am looking for someone to install wall socket, ceiling mount projector and projector screen, run HDMI and speaker cables through the ceiling across the room and behind dry wall(from projector to AV receiver).

A variety of jobs

Hi what type of tradesman shall I look for to do jobs including (1) installing sliding doors (2) kitchen wall tiles (3) kitchen floor tiles (4) kitchen stone worktop? I wish to find someone who can do all of these. Thanks.

New garden designed and planted is dying

We have recently had a garden designed and planted by a garden designer on a new build property, but all the plants, trees and bushes are dying. We are following the instructions for care we were given, and have asked the gardener to come back to help, but he hasn't turned up. Help :(

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Rafal Kaczynski

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William Keogh

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Michael Tucker

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