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Mrs Simmons

Need someone to help mend washing machine. I can get the parts just cant fit them

Lights and underfloor heating

How likely is it to get built in down lights and underfloor heating in a top floor flat built in year 2000? Do not want to sink the ceiling or raise the floor.

Registry number finder

A tradesman gave me his registry number, I am unable to find out if it is genuine. It is 559550 Is their anyway to find out if he IS registered and who with?

Which tradesman

I need a plant removing from a chimney stack, which tradesman is best?

Posted by maureen williams, on
in Roofers

1 answer

Mrs L Minter

Repair and improvement works and replace roofing sheets

Trevor Ellis

I want the same person to come and repair it. I want light in the garden shed.

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Rafal Kaczynski

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William Keogh

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

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Rated People

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