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Replace one kitchen cabinet

I need to have one kitchen cabinet replaced ( whole cabinet not just door) as cupboard is old and water damaged. Where should I post this job? General DIY or kitchen specialist?

Electric shower

Who do i ask to fit a replacement electric shower. gainsbourough 1000x to a triton 8.5w

Cement render removal

We are in the process of buying a Victorian upper flat conversion the added stairwell has cement render and there is damp/mould on the inside walls should the cement render be removed and replaced with lime render?

No earth wire in ceiling rose

I was about to instal a new metal ceiling rose in my 1960s flat but there does not appear to be an earth wire in the original (plastic) ceiling rose fitting. Is that common in flats of this age and does this mean that rewiring is recommended?

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Rafal Kaczynski

Rafal Kaczynski

Plumbing, Heating Solutions Rafal Kaczynski

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William Keogh

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

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Rated  People

Rated People

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