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2.4kw heater

2.4kw heater what size of cable should I use for this cable length 2m

Wired in stereo system

I have recently purchased a house and inherited a wired in stereo system, there are speakers in a number of rooms, but just one outlet that is a bundle of wires. How can I understand the system and wires, would an electrician do this or do I need a specialist sound engineer? Pls advise

Wiring a light fitting.

My new spot light fitting has connections for L.N.E The wires from the ceiling are- 1 double core with - 2 red, 2 black and 2 connected earths. 1 single core with - 1 red, 1 black (with red sleeve) and 1 earth. Can you tell me where these go in the light fitting connections? Thanks very much !

Blown plaster

I live in a 1900s terraced house. 4 years ago had hall and stair walls hacked off and plastered - then painted once we'd given it plenty of time to dry. Over time large areas of the plastering had blown so had them re-plastered. Withing days the same thing has happened again! Can you advise as to why and what would be the next step please.

New skirting

Hi. Want to put tongue n groove in hallway n up stairs and also new skirting boards. Do I take off old skirting which is just cheap council or put new straight on top and will tongue n groove butt up flush on the skirting. Thanks. lettie


Does my house need a complete rewire? I plan to change the consumer unit as I think it is the original which strikes me as unsafe because it is just a replaceable wire in the fuses protecting us. But am I ok to keep the original wiring throughout the house? I think the house was built in 1953 and the current wires have a grey pvc coat. The mains seems to a steel wire outside the pvc that I guess is the earth? I don't think the lights are earthed.

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