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Not sure who I need

I have just had a survey done on a property I am buying and need to know how much and who I need to do it. Can one person do all of these jobs? - Flat roof felt covering - Pipes and guttering -Front door seals - Some damp

Cracking at junction of extension and main house

I have cracking on one side of a single floor extension at the junction with the main house from settlement, that has cracked internal plaster at the corresponding wall junction. Job will be to fill in external crack with flexible filler and re-point and also rake out and fill internal crack before plastering/skimming small room...what type of job should I post this up as, and is Builders the right category? Thanks

Hair felt

Poly Plumb question. Should PolyPlumb have hair felt wrapped round when chased into walls and the use of browning to fill the wall with a plaster to finish off? Thanks!


Outside re-pointing of building - what specialisation? Cant find it in category


I would like a single driveway in my front garden for my disabled wife

Chased Radiator Pipes in Walls

Can you use polyplumb in walls? We have had some pipes chased into our walls and the plumber has used polyplumb running from existing copper pipe up to vertical radiators. It this the correct way of should the plumber of used copper as I would expect?

Replacing top lip of stair.

As the question says really. The previous owners have been doing some interesting DIY. I want to carpet my upstairs hallway and stairs. The carpet layers have advised that I'll need to get the lip of the top stair replaced before they can lay the carpet.

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