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How long

How long does an integral garage conversion take?

Builder, roofer or specialist service

I require repair/replacement work to two outbuilding roofs - one plywood and felt construction and one corrugated asbestolux. Do I need a builder, a roofer specialist services? Many thanks

Leaking garage roof

I have two large holes in a double garage roof, can it be repaired or does it all need replacing?


Sorry, I've lots of questions but even one answer would be appreciated! How long does it roughly take to reslate a two bedroom midterraced house? How quickly can work start? Do you need to be home when the work is going on? Would the roofers also deal with guttering? I've got cast iron gutters that need resealing at the joints and painting if they're in a condition to be saved and not sure if roofers would do this or someone else. Thanks in advanced.

Hanging Tiles - Insulation

Hi, My question is very basic, which tradesmen would be best for this job? I'm put this is the roofers category as it seems like its the same skills as roofing... I have approx 40m2 of hanging tiles on the 1st floor my house, they are hung on battens attached to single block work walls. I'd like to have the tiles and battens removed, Celotex (or similar) insulation attached to the blockwork and then the battens, tiles re-attached.


I need a written quotation before I can go a ahead with the work

Bay roof

Insulate a flat bay or replace with an insulated pitch roof

Posted by Colleen Brotherton, on
in Roofers

1 answer


Need to get coving done. Who do I engage -builder, carpenter, handyman

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