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Hi, i am laying new wooden flooring and replacing the skirting boards. should the skirts sit on top of the flooring or should the flooring sit up against the skirts?

Conservatory floor

Conservatory floor - I would like current tiled floor removed, and a basic floor left in place ready for carpet or laminate. Who would do this? Thanx.

Waterproofing parquet floor

I'd like to run parquet flooring through a space including downstairs toilet, kitchen and utility room. The flooring in these areas will need to be waterproof or at least water resistant. Does Unika ClicSeal effectively make engineered parquet flooring (e.g. Sherlock Herringbone Diamond Click Oak ) at least water resistant? Has anybody direct experience of using it (or similar)?


Who would you recommend for replacing stone Lintels above windows

Condition of plasterboard

I have removed tiles from a plaster boarded wall in my bathroom which I would now like to have plastered to create a smooth surface for painting. However the plaster board contains some holes that are patched with filler and I am wondering whether skimming will be sufficient to create the desired surface.

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