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We know it's difficult to estimate how much a project will cost, that's why we've surveyed our tradesmen to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay for specific jobs. Tradesmen all across the country have contributed to the cost guides, so the costs you see are an approximate national average.

Water pools

Low High
Water pools £400 £800

If water is pooling on your flat roof then this is a sign that the roof is damaged in some way. It could mean that there is damage to the surface of the roof or the roof has not been fitted with the correct slight pitch to allow water to run off. Although the problem can also be as simple as debris on the roof or leaves blocking a drain outlet.

If the pooling is down to damage to the surface of the roof then your roofer will be able to repair or replace the surface. This could mean patching or replacing a felt or rubberised surface. It could also mean replacing a gravel or ballast surfacing to the roof. If the problem is down to a sagging or poorly-fitted roof then your roofer will have to do something to deal with the way that the roof lays. This can be a time-consuming job and the cost of it will depend upon the size of your roof and how bad the problem is.

If the roof is aged and sagging then the roofer may have to install a prop or internal brace to lift the sagging part of the roof. If it is a case of the angle of the roof not being enough to let water run off then the roofer will attempt to address this by adding a new surface that creates a greater angle. In extreme cases the roof will need to be replaced.

Rated People asked 41 of our registered roofers across the country to give approximate prices for repairing roofs and for laying new roofs.

Please note these are average costs which vary according to the type of roof, the part of the property and the size of the property. Materials are not included and the cost guides are intended only to help you budget when posting a job on Rated People. For a free quote tailored to your specific requirements, please contact our local roofers.


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